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Product Review: Somersets Original Shaving Oil

Somersets Original Shaving OilProducts were provided courtesy of Somersets for the purpose of this review.

Application/Ease of Use:  The shave oil can be used on both wet and dry shaves, whether electric or manual which makes it a pretty versatile shave oil. In order to get the most benefit, you need to apply a few drops of the oil to your hands and then distribute evenly on the area to be shaved.  But it should be said that you might only get maximum benefit if you follow the instructions and let the oil absorb for at least 30 seconds.  I found that not doing so doesn’t necessarily provide the best or smoothest shaving experience, so I strongly suggest you follow the directions on the label.  That being said, there really is no other way to use it incorrectly, that is unless you end up touching your eye with a unwashed, oil-drenched hand.  Menthol in the eye is never a good idea.

Scent:  I really love the scent of the Somersets Original Shaving Oil.  It’s actually one of my favorite things about it.  It has a nostalgic sort of scent which reminds me of old school barbershops and old men way too past their prime trying to offer me the latest cut.  But, hey I suppose that’s a good thing. It’s all natural and packed with good oils like lavender, rosemary, cinnamon and sandalwood just to name a few.  The ingredient list alone makes it a super smart buy if you’re looking to move towards a more natural lifestyle.

Price:  35 ml of shave oil will run you about $15 while the smaller version, the 15 ml, will cost you around $7.

Overall Impression:  After spending a few weeks with Somersets, all I can say is that this stuff sure packs a pretty big punch.  I’ve been using the large bottle for a little while now and have barely used enough oil to break below the bottle of the neck.  Now, that’s saying something considering I’ve used it with electric clippers for beard maintenance and wet shaves to keep my neck clear of straggly hairs.  Paired with any shaving cream, the effect of the oil is still pretty evident and it helps deliver a good amount of glide which helps prevents nicks and cuts.  I haven’t let this one fly completely solo yet, but its definitely on the list of things to do.