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Weekly Obsessions 5.8.14

Apparently, you’ve been doing your laundry wrong all these years.

This is an incredibly heartwarming video up from MagicofRahat on You Tube.  This video is a follow-up from an earlier video where he gave a homeless man by the name of Eric a $1000 “winning” lottery ticket.  In this video, he gives Eric something definitely unexpected and his reaction is both heartwarming and priceless. Check it out!

I’m a bit of a music nerd so this video from Ten Second Songs on You Tube was a must see for me.  The singer goes flawlessly through many different musical styles inspired by different artists to cover Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty to Me”.  It is EPIC.

Trigger warning: The last video in this post features content related to sexual assault.  Please stop reading/viewing here if you wish. Continue below the black box for more information and to see the controversial video.


In my opinion, all those in media (and in life in general) have some responsibility to address important social issues, no matter how uncomfortable.  For my last obsession I wanted to share with you one of the most remarkable “viral” videos I have seen. This one is from the brave, and sometimes silly Yousef Erakat of Fouseytube.  This video, published on April 20, 2014, has a female survivor of sexual assault sharing her story which inspired one of Yousef’s latest social experiments.  It’s message is clear, powerful and reverberating just like the woman’s voice who shares her story.  Check it out below:

This App Might Just Save Your Life

bsafe1 screen shot

Along with it being National Stress Awareness Month, April is also Sexual Assault Awareness Month which is a cause that I’ve been passionate about for years. While risk reduction strategies are helpful they are absolutely not the end all be all way to prevent sexual assault (i.e. people need to stop sexually assaulting people).  But, human trafficking is also a HUGE issue worldwide so I’m all about anything that promotes safety.  And with many men and women being subjected to these sort of horrible crimes everyday, I thinks it’s all our responsibility to keep our loved ones safe in whatever way we can.  That being said, I find it important to spread the word about this app called bSafe that could potentially save your life.

The bSafe app is a tremendous tool for personal safety.  First off, it’s free to download.  But most importantly,  the app includes a digital SOS alarm that when pushed sends out your GPS location to a “guardian” and automatically contacts 911.  With the free version of the app, you can set 1 guardian who be notified when your SOS is triggered.  I did a test run myself with a friend and it completely freaked her out how accurate and thorough the app is.

bsafe2 screen shot

Let’s say you’re in trouble and not able to speak to your friend after you trigger the alarm, no problem.  bSafe also alerts 911 and places a phone call to your guardian automatically, all the while recording evidence (with the paid version).  It also comes with an audible SOS alarm (and flashlight via your camera’s phone) which may help deter criminal activity when it’s triggered.

In less pressing situations, you can decide to send yourself a fake phone call (10 minutes from now, for example) from anyone to get out of an uncomfortable situation before it goes bad.  And what if you’re walking home late at night and want to let someone know? You can send the guardian a note that you want them to track you and once you’re safe all you have to do is hit the “I’m here” button.  Seriously, this app is legit.

Right now, for $30 you can get an unlimited number of guardians for a whole two years, which could help you feel more comfortable traveling alone no matter who you are. The paid versions include the real-time tracking and evidence recording that I previously mentioned, proving that this app really just might save your life.