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How to Look as Cool as Your Favorite Movie Character for Less!

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Many of us spend a good amount of time watching movies. Sometimes the humor is what keeps us entertained, like in The Hangover. Sometimes its the genuine badassness that hooks us like in Scarface.  From Bradley Cooper to Al Pacino to Zach Galifinakis and the Blues Brothers, classic movie characters often come with classic style.

While we can’t typically afford the threads that our favorite actors wear on the silver screen, we can get their look for less.

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Scarface Celebrates 30th Anniversary

H-SCARFACE_NEWBack in 1983, Al Pacino starred in one of the biggest movies of his career. The phrase, “Say hello to my little friend” became a pop culture phenomenon while Tony Montana became America’s most beloved cocaine addict and drug dealer.

The film itself was released with a lot of negative response from critics, many of which believed it was too graphic and violent for most audiences.  According to Wikipedia, the film also initially got an X rating, if you can believe it.  If you’ve had the pleasure of actually seeing the film, then you can probably understand why.  Heavy drug abuse, domestic violence and gruesome murders make up the most excruciating parts of a story anchored by the journey of Tony Montana trying to make a name for himself in Miami.

Hollywood phenom Oliver Stone penned the 1983 remake of a 1932 classic of the same name in the midst of battling his own drug demons.  In an interview with Dujour.com he said:

“…I had a whole new set of friends who were drug-free. I wrote all of Scarface there as a farewell to drugs, really.”

“Say hello to my little friend!”

That’s not to say that Stone was the only person with a lot of say into how the film would actually be made.  According to an unnamed source, Pacino was also heavily involved in the film’s story.  “He was the real power,” the source says.

Michelle Phifer as Tony Montana’s wife Elvira Hancock.

It’s ironic that the film didn’t do that well when it was initially released because it has such a large following among Pacino lovers around the world today.  The film is now widely available on DVD and Blue Ray and is a classic in gangster films in American culture.  With such gratuitous violence and dark themes, it’s no wonder that Scarface continues to entertain and shock audiences 30 years later.