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Product Review: Old Spice Hydro Wash

Disclosure: This content was sponsored by Old Spice, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you know I have had a long love affair with Old Spice products. Old Spice is a brand, for me, that very much symbolizes my own journey from boyhood to manhood. I remember that my first experiences with Old Spice were when I first started wearing deodorant. I remember picking up a tube in the grocery store. I remember the fresh, masculine scent and it’s always something that will be a very strong memory for me.

With that, I’m happy to be sharing with you my latest review featuring some of Old Spice’s newest offerings: Hydro Wash!

Hydro Wash is the newest addition to the brand’s Hardest Working Collection, which is the highest performing anti-perspirant and body wash line-up.  If you’re a sweater, like me, this is probably right up your alley.

Here are some key points about Old Spice’s new Hydro Wash:

  • Hydro Wash offers superior hydration with over 20% hydro-moisturizing complex.
  • It features Old Spice’s proprietary “dual stream” formula, keeping moisturizers and cleansers separate so that the moisturizers don’t wash away with the lather before hydrating the skin.
  • Thicker and richer lather means less product down the drain, resulting in a better overall shower experience that leaves skin feeling hydrated and clean.
  • Debuts in NEW Steel Courage scent. Old Spice’s daring new scent is assertive yet laid-back, combining the energizing top notes of pineapple and warm rum with a mid-note of intoxicating clove, crisp pepper and sage. Hints of sandalwood and warm amber add a balanced finish.
  • Old Spice Hydro Wash is also available in popular Old Spice scents Pure Sport Plus and Live Wire.
  • Old Spice Hydro Wash is available nationwide at drugstores, food stores and mass merchandisers beginning February 2017 (The standard retail price is $4.99 but pricing is also at the sole discretion of stores)

Also, The Walking Dead fans probably recognize this mug (Steven Ogg who plays Simon, one of Negan’s henchmen)! 

So what do I think?

Overall, I think Hydro Wash does a pretty good job at living up to its name. I found that all varieties of the wash do a stand-up job at keeping my skin moisturized. They feel pretty smooth on the skin and not drying like other body washes feel. They also come in pretty big bottles which means you’re going to get to use it for a pretty long time. I’ve had the three bottles for over a month (maybe 2?!) and it looks like I’ve barely made a dent in all three. You definitely get your money’s worth.

What about scents? Here’s my breakdown…

Live Wire – This name always reminds me of the one certain app us old-heads used in the 90s to share music LOL  But, scent-wise it’s one of my favorites as it has this really fresh, citrusy kind of scent. It very much reminds me of Iime. There’s always an extra little pick-up in my step when I use this one. Very fresh & clean scent.

Pure Sport – This is probably my least favorite scent out of the bunch. That being said, I recognize it might be a favorite for a lot of gents. It has a very soapy, clean smell. I imagine that a lot athletes will find this one to be a familiar scent, especially if you also use the Old Spice deodorant of the same name.

Steel Courage – This scent reminds me of a cross between Zoolander’s blue steel model-pose and James Bond. There’s a smooth, warm sexiness to this one. It has touches of sandalwood and amber with close which makes it pretty intoxicating.  As far as favorites go, I find it hard to decide between Steel Courage and Live Wire, but thankfully I don’t have to choose! Which one I use just depends on my mood.

You can purchase Old Spice Hydro Wash at most major retailers and at OldSpice.com.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more from Old Spice here on MANE MAN very soon!


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Old Spice Giveaway!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored Old Spice.

Last week you may have read my review of Old Spice’s Swagger Gel, well this time around the folks at Old Spice are giving away a TON of grooming goodies and you have a chance to win!

Swagger Gel is an easy to use hair gel (and so accessible and affordable too). It has a great #smellegendary scent and offers high hold and moderate shine, which is good for a variety of hair types.

By entering the giveaway below you have a chance to win a prize pack that includes:

  • Swagger Gel, Pomade, Steel Courage Shampoo, an Old Spice Beanie AND a $25 gift card for popular online hat store Lids!
Old Spice Swagger Gel Giveaway Bundle. Winner we be announced on March 30, 2017.

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And for those of you who struggle with hat hair, check out these tips from Old Spice and Celebrity Groomer, Benjaming Thigpen.

How to Combat “Hat Hair”

Start with Old Spice Swagger Gel

Simply apply a small amount (no more than nickel size) to your fingertips and rub together before applying to the hat line.

Keep it Dry

Make sure your hair is completely dry and styled before wearing the hat. Otherwise, your hair will flatten and take the hat’s shape when wet.

Hat Indentation Quick Fix

Use your fingertips to press and start rubbing the hat line out. Think of your fingertips as an eraser!

Water Works

In a pinch and without product? Wet your hands with water and flick excess off. Start with a small amount because you can’t unwet your hair. Remember, it’s just a quick touch up!

Hats Off to Hats

Many guys wear hats on a daily basis, and hats can also be cleverly used as a styling tool. They work great to bring down hair volume, or to help keep Swagger-styled hair in place from home to your destination.

Benjamin’s clients include: Marc Jacobs, Bruce Willis, Nate Berkus, Francisco Costa, Nick Swisher, Josh Duhamel, Tony Hale, Jimmi Simpson, Boyd Holbrook, and many more.

You can find Old Spice Hair products nationwide in retailer hair care aisles (usually ranging between $6.99 – $7.99). To learn more about Old Spice you may visit the brand’s site at oldspice.com, on Facebook, Twitter (@OldSpice), Instagram (oldspice). You can also catch more Old Spice videos on the Manmercials channel on YouTube.

Product Review: Old Spice Swagger Gel

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Old Spice.

“As a grooming expert, I’m so excited to team up with Old Spice to help introduce new Swagger Gel that’s designed for guys looking for high hold and a moderate shine. Let’s face it, guys want hair that looks like it’s not trying too hard, and Old Spice Swagger Gel does just that! Simply rub a nickel size amount on your fingertips and work into your hair for that ultimate rockstar look.” – Benjamin Thigpen, Celebrity Groomer

It’s not often that I find myself trying our new hair products these days. More or less, I’ve found myself pretty settled into a routine of using a simple leave-in conditioner and styling pomade. But, as with most things, it’s always helpful to switch it up a bit. After all, variety is the SPICE of life…right?!

Recently, the folks at Old Spice passed along their Swagger gel for me to try out. Now recently I got a pretty big hair cut so I haven’t been able to try out the gel on what was my much bigger hair. The good news is, I was able try out the gel on my new, shorter cut and it works pretty well.

The thing I’ve always liked about gel on natural hair is that it helps tame my fro a bit. While some gels tend to dry out hair due to their problematic ingredients list, I’ve learned that using only a bit provides control for fly-aways. Swagger is a high hold gel which means it will help unruly hair stay in place. This is definitely a plus when you’re spending long days out and about. No gent really wants to be concerned with how their hair is holding up through midday meetings or classes.

One of the biggest benefits, however, is that Swagger also provides a moderate shine. Naturally curly hair, due to its structure, tends to look duller than straight hair. One of the great things about Swagger Gel is that it helps curly, coily hair look shinier due to its blend of ingredients. And if you’re someone, like me, whose hair tends took dull in most light, Swagger Gel works wonders.

When you try to look cool but all you can manage to do is #smellegendary #afro #shine #sponsored @oldspice

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One of the lessons I have learned so far with gel is that a little goes a LONG way. For hair as short as mine now, I only use about a nickel-sized amount of product. Longer, bigger, thicker hair will definitely require more. I’ve found that when using gel it’s best to err on the side of caution as using too much product will leave your hair a crunchy, flaky, untouchable mess. Every now and then I tend to be a bit heavy-handed but it’s something I look out for. On other days, when I’m looking for a lot of definition, I might intentionally over do it. But generally, I tend to try to keep my hair pretty touchable.

Gel is best used, for me, on damp or wet hair. When I tried using Swagger Gel on dry hair, it just lead to white flakes, which definitely isn’t a good thing. If you have a hair type similar to mine, that may be something you want to try out instead.

The other thing that I really enjoy about Old Spice’s Swagger Gel is that it has a nice clean and masculine scent, which the brand noteS as #smellegendary. For gents who don’t like to wear a lot of cologne daily, Swagger gives you a faint masculine scent that only those REALLY close will pick up on. If you do wear a daily fragrance, Swagger is inoffensive enough that it won’t interfere. It strikes a really good balance!

One of the great things about Old Spice, and why it has always been a favorite brand of mine, is that it is always affordable and accessible. Finding the right products for you shouldn’t break the bank. It’s always nice to splurge, but I think it’s always great to have solid, everyday products to keep your grooming game on point. Old Spice certainly has a bit of everything to offer. The Old Spice Hair lineup – including new Swagger Gel – features shampoos, conditioners and styling products designed to give guys the hair and confidence they need to succeed. You can find Old Spice Hair products nationwide in retailer hair care aisles. The products generally range from about $6.99 to $7.99 and last quite a while, especially if you have shorter hair.

You can shop the entire lineup of Old Spice products, including Swagger Gel, at OldSpice.com.

Old Spice: An American Tradition + a Giveaway!

For over 75 years the folks over at Old Spice have been providing men with quality grooming products to help keep us looking and smelling our best. I remember growing up watching my father use Old Spice products and as I got older and had conversations with other guys, I knew that their older brothers, uncles, fathers, and even some grandfathers had used some form of Old Spice. The brand represents an American tradition that not many brands can claim.

I remember Old Spice’s aftershave trademark white bottle being one of my first experiences with a grooming product. In fact, ironically it was after using it that I realized that after-shave burned like hell. Is it just me or did anyone else get no warning?!  After that I vowed to never use after-shave again. Thankfully, I somehow managed to get over that initial sting and went on to develop a long-lasting love affair with Old Spice products and their deodorant carried me through most of my smelly high school years.

Old Spice has continued to further expand their product line up with body sprays of some of their favorite scents (Fiji, Swagger and Bearglove to name a few), some of which I reviewed the bar soap versions a while back.  The new body scents utilize a new Re-fresh technology that promotes all day odor protection.

But how does Re-fresh technology work exactly?  Whenever you feel yourself getting a little sweaty the Re-fresh technology does the heavy lifting and reactivates the odor protection, giving you an extra boost of manliness just when you need it.  I most recently used the Bearglove scent on a long night out dancing and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. I came home in the early morning hours still smelling pretty good.  Bearglove is a new scent from the “Wild Collection” which boasts a warm masculine scent and it is my new favorite.  I personally find Swagger to be a bit assertive while Fiji is a little more refreshing than the others.  Luckily for you, you’ll get a chance to win all three in the giveaway below!

Just like the Art of Manliness, Old Spice represents an American tradition of emerging manhood. With their new modern body sprays Old Spice ensures the brand will continue to greet young men into adulthood for years to come. Smellcome to manhood.

The Giveaway!

Old Spice Giveaway Basket

Interested in winning some Old Spice swag for yourself?  All you have to do is sign into the widget below using your email address or Facebook account and follow the instructions to enter.  Use more options for more chances to win. Giveaway ends February 28th  at 12 AM.  Good luck and “Smellcome to Manhood!”

Prize pack includes (see picture above):

  • 3 Re-fresh body sprays
  • 1 “Spiffy” Old Spice hair pomade
  • 1 pair of Old Spice earbuds
  • 1 Old Spice flash drive
  • 1 DVD of Sylvester Stallone’s “Over the Top”
  • 1 The Art of Manliness paperback book
  • 1 roll of duct tape
  • 1 “Smellcome to Manhood” Certificate of Achievement


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Disclosure: This post and giveaway are both sponsored by Old Spice.  Compensation has been provided but the opinions in this post are solely my own.

Win a Pure Sport Package Courtesy of Old Spice: A Giveaway


Old Spice Pure Sport bar soap
Old Spice Pure Sport bar soap

Alright folks, this one is BIG.  MANE MAN has teamed up with Old Spice to offer you a giveaway of their new Pure Sport bar soap along with a whopping $200 in Stub Hub cash.  That’s right, $200!  One lucky winner will score big with this prize designed to keep you smelling your best and seeing the best sports or cool events in person. Oh and don’t forget to read my Old Spice review on the new bar soap line up too. =) Pure sport will leave you smelling so fresh and so clean, clean after your trademark workout or as you get ready for your next date. And it could be yours…FOR FREE!

Not familiar with Stub Hub?  Stub Hub is a one stop shop to offer you safe access to purchase sports and events tickets.  Founded in the year 2000, Stub Hub is one of the most popular ticket exchange sites in the United States and if you have not used it before, now’s your chance!

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The contest ends on July 2, 2013 and you will be able to gain one entry per tweet. You can tweet as much as once per day if you would like!  Just don’t forget to use the hashtag #smellitforward or else it won’t count.  Ladies and gents it’s time to start your engines.  Are you ready to rumble?  Get your head in the game…NOW!

Old Spice Smell it Forward Giveaway

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*Products for review and prizes offered are provided courtesy of Old Spice.


Product Review: Old Spice Bar Soap

Old Spice Bar Soap Collection

Products for review were provided courtesy of Old Spice.

Quintessential man-brand Old Spice has brought us good products and hilarious commercials for years and now the brand has launched a line of bar soaps for the guy’s guy who just can’t bring himself to use bottled shower gel.

Growing up, using Old Spice was almost a rite of passage. Whether it was the deodorant or after-shave, just about every guy I knew also gave it a try and I’m sure not much has changed these days.  I bet you would be hard pressed to find any guy who hasn’t tried Old Spice at least once.

For me, the deodorant worked for many years until I began to try out many other products out of curiosity.  Fortunately, for me (and you) Old Spice provided me some of their newest bar soaps to review.  So without further adieu, here are my two cents…

Swagger – This was the first soap that I was able to use from the pack that Old Spice sent my way. What I love about it is the great scent which makes it almost unnecessary to wear a scented deodorant.  It’s a strong, masculine scent that lingers, in a good way. It almost guarantees you a bundle of compliments.

Fiji – Personally, I’m a little partial to Fiji’s lighter scent that smells like you’ve traveled off to a far away land.  This one packs some serious shower relaxation points.

Pure Sport – A classic scent that personally reminds me of the Old Spice deodorant that I used back in the day. It’s definitely a great one to use in the warmer summer months as it has that clean, fresh scent that can be so important on those crowded subway cars or sweaty locker rooms.

Old Spice has definitely been one of my go-to brands in the past and the new bar soaps perform well by working up a pretty serious lather so you know they are putting in some work.  My one point of feedback/criticism is to make sure that you moisturize right after showering.  While this is a pretty general rule of thumb for me, I found that the Old Spice bar soaps also tend to be a little drying as they use harsher surfactants than, let’s say, a natural or vegan soap.  All in all, Old Spice delivers a consistent product that will definitely work in a pinch.  The variety of scents are great as it can help you pick out a signature smell that will have people asking you, “What do you smell like?!”

And have you seen this commercial? Hilarious.