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Keeps Helps Men Halt Hair Loss

Did you know that 66% of American men experience hair loss by the age of 35 (American Hair Loss Association)?

It’s no wonder that so many men are terrified at the prospect of losing their hair as they move throughout their 20s.

Keeps, Minoxidil (topical solution).

In the past, if you were concerned about hair loss most people waited too long to talk with their doctor out of shame or embarrassment. Keeps helps you avoid the embarrassment of meeting with someone face to face and having to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy. Keeps offers you convenience and the ability to consult with a medical professional who will diagnose your  problem online and send your treatments right to your doorstep. It’s hair loss prevention for this day and age.  And Keeps comes in a very cool, clean package that will fit right in on your bathroom shelf.

Keeps helps provide their customers with prescriptions for  Finasteride and Minoxidil which help men  hold on to their hair and stave off hair loss related to male pattern baldness (sorry ladies, Keeps won’t work for you).

One huge benefit of Keeps is that the prices are extremely reasonable. Imagine paying $35 or less per month to help keep your hair. With Keeps, you don’t have to imagine, it’s a reality. And you pay nothing for your initial doctor consultation and just $30 thereafter (which can cost $100+ for traditional face to face appointments).

To learn more about Keeps and start your consultation, you can visit their website at keeps.com.


The Dick Van Dyke Show Takes on Balding

I’m a huge fan of classic TV shows and The Dick Van Dyke Show is definitely one of my all time favorites.  I recently re-watched an episode on Netflix where Rob (Van Dyke) fears losing his hair in the Season 3 Episode 31 titled “I’d Rather Be Bald Than Have No Head at All”.

As many guys out there are fearful of balding prematurely, I thought it would be great to share the episode right here with you (courtesy of Hulu.com).  There’s also a little bit of classic hair care information to pick up on AND I’m sure that you’ll get a kick out of the recommended concoction a barber gives to Rob to try.  Many of you naturalistas out there can probably relate VERY well to that mix.