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How to Maximize Your Attractiveness: Adopt These 7 Grooming Habits ASAP

Guest submission by Robin Salvador.

Do you have a social event you need to attend to or just trying to make an impression?

With all things to consider: from the shoes, hair, and clothes; you are off being busy in making yourself socially presentable – sporting the classic hairstyles for men, and looking very dapper in a new suit, this all easily translates to a well-groomed guy. But of course, rather than just keeping yourself well turned-out for a special occasion, why not make it an everyday habit? After all, a guy who exudes a level of confidence with his persona is something you would want to embody even in a casual setting.

For any guy who wants to make an impression, I am revealing the seven grooming habits all young debonair men have in common. It’s time to make a change ASAP!

Skin Care

For any well-groomed guy, he factors in a good sunscreen. You want to maintain a healthy skin on a daily basis. When you’re an active guy, all you need is a good, effective sunscreen. It can make all the difference. Remember to always use sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage and harmful UV rays. In addition, a great moisturizer is always handy as it prevents any cracks and peeling dry skin from worsening.

Be a regular at your barbers

When you’re living in a fast-paced environment, there are times you’ll most likely prolong doing activities/chores such as going to your barber shop to get yourself shaved and cut. One habit you need to apply is to book your appointment beforehand so that you already make time for it in your schedule.

Find your signature scent

Men who smell great are definitely more attractive. A signature scent amplifies your presentation to others. In general, we identify every person we know based on how they look and how they smell. So if you want to make a striking impression, a signature scent is what you need. Just don’t go overboard and wear too much so that people around you are overwhelmed by it.

Hair Products

Well-groomed guys also swear by the hair products they use. They want to have a hairstyle complimentary to their attire. So for your own hair products, you need to know and identify which products work well for you. Does your thick hair handle pomades and gels well? If you are a bit lost on what hair products you should choose, ask your barber if he or she has some suggestions.

Dental Care

Not only is skincare and hair care important, dental care is a no-brainer. Since brushing your teeth alone takes up a small percentage of dental care, be sure to floss your teeth every day because this helps prevent gum disease and bad breath.

Facial Grooming

Managing your facial hair or manscaping, to be exact, isn’t something you need to hold out on. Keep things neat. Taming facial hair is necessary to look your best. If you want to present well and be taken seriously, trim it enough to make it look nice and clean. You don’t have to necessarily shave your beard off, just cut it in a nice length where you can still manage it.

Hand-care and Foot grooming

A good habit to note is having your nails cut once in a week, or when your nails get long enough that you scratch yourself. Make it a routine to do your nails after you shower because it’s easy to cut them when they’re softer. It is also important to be mindful of the flaky skin around your nail beds. To help soften those, dab some moisturizer around your nail beds to treat and smooth them down. It is these small details that will make a big difference.

Robin Vinz Salvador is the Digital Marketing Manager of Bound for Style. You may contact him at robin@boundforstyle.com.

How to Remove Salt Stains from Your Favorite Winter Boots

Living in NYC has its points of difficulty like crowded (and sometimes smelly) subway cars, noise pollution and questionable landlord practices but overall it definitely is a great place to live.  Temperatures are usually moderate with distinct seasons but this winter has had extremely high amounts of snow which means TONS of salt on the sidewalks.

Obviously salty sidewalks help keep you from sliding around like those obnoxious penguins in Mario Kart, yet that same salt can quickly ruin your favorite winter boots.

boots 1
Before: Sad winter boots with salt stains.

As you can see, I recently found myself plagued by salt stained boots so I took to the web in search for answers. I stumbled upon Quick Trick: Remove Salt Stains from Leather Boots and quickly tried it out.

I diverged from the original instructions and used a little bit more vinegar because I really wanted to be sure it would work.  Basically, I ended up with the following recipe:

  • 1 cup cool water
  • 1 tablespoon to 1/2 cup vinegar

It’s that simple! Just mix the two liquids and pat the solution on your shoe’s affected areas with a cloth and you’re done.  Let the shoes air dry and you should end up with a finished product like this:

Winter boots free from salt stains.
After: Winter boots free from salt stains.

So if you need to save your favorite winter boots, give this “recipe” a try.  It’s quick and simple and it worked for me. Until next time…