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Product Review: Curve Black

“Cool. Sophisticated. Bold.” Does Curve Black live up to the hype? Read on for my review.

Curve Black is the latest creation of the team at Curve. Launching this month, Curve Black aims to offer the more sophisticated Curve aficionado another bit of depth to his cologne repertoire.

Curve Black claims to offer a distinctly masculine fragrance by combining fresh fougere with fresh florals and warm, woody accents. Sounds like a winning combination to me.

Fragrances are usually built with base, heart and top notes to create a dynamic and rich scent profile. This, in my personal opinion, is what allows for fragrances to work a little bit different for every person’s body chemistry. Certain “notes” will be expressed differently depending on person’s skin, body temperature, etc. It’s really interesting how that happens.









Here are the notes for Curve Black:

Top notes: Italian bergamot, violet leaf & nutmeg
Heart notes: Includes lavender, clary sage and tree moss
Base notes: Tonka bean, teak wood and sandalwood

In my experience, Curve Black lives up to its promise. There is most definitely a cool, sophisticated scent profile. I am particularly fond of the woodier base and heart notes. There is a sort of fresh finish, which feels distinctly on-brand for Curve, to me.

Fragrances are meant for difference occasions and while I really love Curve Black it may not be something that I would wear on an everyday commute to the office. It seems a bit more complex than that, but of course I guess that also depends on your personality, style and environment. It’s a little sexier, which means it’s perfect for drinks or date night, without a doubt. And as far as that packaging goes, I LOVE dark and deep colors so this one definitely offers a lot for me.

Would you give it a try? It could even make a great gift for a recent graduate or a happy Dad on Father’s Day which is coming up soon!

You may purchase Curve Black as most mass retailers in the states now. Eau de Toilette retails for $47 (2.5 fl. oz./ 75 ml.).

A Scent for Every Occassion

Sweeter than the perfume of roses is a reputation for a kind, charitable, unselfish nature; a ready disposition to do to others any good turn in your power. – Orison Swett Marden

When I was younger, I didn’t understand the importance of cologne and how much a man’s cologne might say about him, what it might communicate to those around him. As I’ve grown older, I’m come to realize that just as one changes their shirt, a man should also change his cologne.  One scent for every occasion, every mood.

Whether you’re looking for a gentle, clean everyday scent or something more lively for an exciting night out, finding the right scent is not only about knowing what’s in the bottle but also your body chemistry. Every scent reacts to every person differently and that’s why it’s imperative to also try out options in person in the store. If you need a little extra insight in deciding which cologne to buy, this handy post from the Art of Manliness will be a big help.

What are some of my favorite scents? It depends on the occasion! Is it for a day at the office? Then I might opt for something clean and simple like ZIRH Classic.  What about a special fundraiser or gala? Maybe Terre d’Hermes for Men by Hermes might offer an extra special touch.  Hot date?  Polo Red may be the hot ticket. Its fiery, masculine personality might be a good bet.

While cologne choice is mostly a matter of personal taste, there are a lot of scents out there with reputations that precede them. Picking the right scent for the right occasion can make all the difference. And you have to make sure that you wear the cologne and not the cologne wear you.

For an inside look at some of my favorite scents, including the ones mentioned above, check out my collection in my story  “What’s He Wearing? Scents for Date Night” now live on Mode.com.  Check it out below!

Check out What’s He Wearing? Manly Scents for Date Night

by Jor-El at Mode


Lacoste Goes L!VE with New Scent

Lacoste l!ve review

Looking for the perfect summer scent? Lacoste L!VE might just be what you’ve been looking for.

Lacoste, well-known for its trademark croc logo, has been delving in the scent game for sometime now and have now just recently released a new product called Lacoste L!VE.

Lacoste L!VE is a light, refreshing scent for men which features bright lime and saffron notes with undertones of sandalwood and licorice making it a pretty good gift for any guy really.

The Lacoste team sent over a sample my way and I think I’ve worn it every day since then.  As promised it delivers an easy, refreshing scent that I think most people can get behind.  It’s not very strong either, so if you’re sensitive to smells then it’s a pretty good fit.

You can purchase Lacoste L!VE at the Lacoste online store.

Disclosure: Sample product was provided by Lacoste for the purpose of this review.

Product Review: Uomo by Ermenegildo Zegna

Uomo 1
Uomo by Ermenegildo Zegna

Disclosure: Samples for review were provided courtesy of Ermenegildo Zegna.

For many years cologne was not my thing.  I find myself often overwhelmed by scents no matter how pleasant I find them, therefore I was pretty skeptical that I would actually even like Uomo by Ermenegildo Zegna.

With refreshing bergamot (citrus) notes and cedarwood the cologne is distinctly masculine and potent in the best way.  In my personal opinion, the scent has a depth and sophistication that sends the “I’m on my grown man” message without being too in your face.  This is definitely not your little brother’s cologne.

Given the scent’s sophisticated depth it’s definitely not to be worn on an everyday basis, at least not in my opinion. For me Uomo deserves something a little more special like a birthday gathering, big night out on the town or an especially hot date.   And at retail price of $64 for 50 ml, I find it reasonably priced and well worth the cost.

Overall,  Uomo has a refreshing quality with a sense of rooted masculine depth that makes it a great choice for young gents as well as more mature and sophisticated guys looking for a special signature scent. The Uomo collection also offers hair and body wash, shave balm and deodorant so you can load up on it all if you so desire.  Any of which would also make an excellent gift.  This is what modern masculinity smells like and I kinda dig it.