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Dwyane Wade’s Private Chef Launches Eating Well to Win

How many of you think that Dwyane Wade is one of the better players of our current generation?  Well if you’re a fan of his, or his incredible partner Gabrielle Union, then you know they are couple goals.

If you want to start to live like Gabby and Dwyane then the first step might be eating like them. The couples’ private chef, Richard Ingraham, at chefrli.com, has recently launched his cookbook of Southern, Asian, and Creole inspired recipes that will have you eating just like the Wades.  To look like them, it might take a lot of working out though.

Eating good and feeling satisfied with food doesn’t mean that it has to be unhealthy and judging from the look of the recipes in this book, that’s a philosophy that the Wades live by.

Eating Well to Win is inspired by Chef Ingraham’s catering career as well as his tenure as private chef to Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade for over 10 years. I got to take a peek at the book and many of the recipes look delicious and easy to make.

Garlic shrimp anyone? Source: Eating Well to Win

And if you’re a big chocolate fan like me, then you’re probably pretty curious about these Toffee Black Bean Brownies too. They’re on my to-do list without a doubt!

Toffee Black Bean Brownies Source: Eating Well to Win

Whether you are a high-powered athlete, a talented and accomplished actress, young professional or soccer mom, you probably want to enjoy eating, get all the nutrients you need and work towards living a healthier life, right? If my first impressions, and the book reviews, say anything about Eating Well to Win, it’s that this book delivers.

You can pick up your copy of Eating Well to Win at Amazon. Get to cooking (and eating)!


Book Review: Jack Icefloe Jackson’s Romance for Men

jack iceloe jackson pandora's boxRomance for men? Well, sort of. This book (I can’t bring myself to call it a novel) is the brain child of Hollywood writer/producer Dean Lorey and is not for the faint of heart.

Romance for Men: Pandora’s Box is without a doubt, the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. The book follows the author, Jack Icefloe Jackson, on his journey to save the world. Yeah, really.  Jack is tapped by President Obama to “meet with” Pandora  before her infamous box destroys the world.

But what exactly makes this book “romance for men”? Well, Jack Icefloe Jackson only ever has one thing on his mind, which is also central to his mission, ironically. The book is graphic, distasteful and completely inappropriate. It’s pretty much what you might expect from a book that refers to itself as romance for men.

The book’s genius lies in its satire and ability to make even the filthiest of guys uncomfortable at times. I was even a little weary of reading it on my daily commute because even the cover is just so…Icefloe.

Chances are that if you don’t like being politically correct (or embrace that part of yourself) you’ll likely enjoy what Romance for Men: Pandora’s Box has to offer. It’s definitely for mature audiences only and would probably make the perfect gag gift for your buddy on his next birthday. Admittedly, I reluctantly say that it am a little curious as to what Jack Icefloe Jackson encounters on his next journey in “SUCKubus”.

For more depraved, explicit and horrifically inappropriate stuff, you can visit icefloejackson.com.

Disclosure: A sample copy for review was provided courtesy of the book’s publishing and marketing team for the sole purpose of this review.

A Must Read: Super Performing at Work and at Home by Dr. Robert Cerfolio

super performing at work and at home cerfolio

Dr. Robert James Cerfolio is a well-known cardio-thoracic surgeon who has performed numerous life-saving surgeries throughout his career. In his book, Super Performing at Work and At Home, Cerfolio takes us all on a journey to become our best.

As a young man, Cerfolio grew up in a highly competitive environment that encouraged achievement and hardiness. This perspective served him well as he grew into a young man and an all-American baseball player.  He studied hard in college as pre-med student and went on to become a surgical resident at one of the world’s most renowned centers, the Mayo Clinic.

His life has not been without hurdles, however.  In his memoir, Cerfolio details some very trying surgeries that tested his ability to perform in the operating room.  As laypeople, we often forget that surgeons are not actually miracle workers or angels, they are highly skilled humans with full lives outside of those operating room walls.  By taking a journey with Cerfolio in this book, it’s clear there are many significant bumps in the road.

From mentally taxing surgeries to wavering confidence in times of stress, Cerfolio shows us that those same skills of relaxation and visualization that helped him perform as an all-American baseball player are highly transferable skills to the operating room and to his family life.

In Super Performing at Work and at Home The Athleticism of Surgery and Life, Cerfolio gives us a peek into his techniques to helping him become, and maintain, his status as a super performer.  Some of my personal favorites tips are:

  • “controlling your breathing

  • visualizing yourself from different viewpoints

  • engaging in positive self talk

  • recalling previous success

  • staying in the present

  • and seeing each moment of the challenge as a new opportunity” (forgetting the past moments of both failure and success)

Super Performing at Work and at Home starts on page 1 with Cerfolio detailing one of the scariest times in his life, his wife being operated on for breast cancer.  

Throughout his book, Cerfolio takes us in the depths of his family’s struggle with Lorraine’s health concerns as well as other powerfully pivotal moments in his life.  After reading, I almost feel as if I too am a apart of his family, watching his achievements in surgery and coping with his families triumphs and tragedies.

When I was initially invited to review this book, I was unsure that I would like it.  Reading about a highly skilled surgeon who also happened to be a national-class athlete definitely was not something that I thought I could find real interest in.  Somehow, Cerfolio managed to capture my heart on his journey and I have the feeling he will capture yours too.  Along the way, you will gain valuable insight and inspiration on how to be and live better in a world that constantly brings up challenges and obstacles.

Super Performing is available via River Grove books and retails for $16.95.

Disclosure: This review was sponsored by River Grove Books and a sample copy of Super Performing at Work and at Home The Athleticism of Surgery and Life was provided to me at no cost.  All opinions listed herein are my own and have not been influenced by the post’s sponsors in any way.

What’s in a Book: Mascupathy


Written by two psychotherapists, Mascupathy: Understanding and Healing the Malaise of American Manhood is a deep look into the modern male psyche.

If you’re an academic and interested in masculinity and gender studies, chances are Mascupathy is a book that you’re definitely going to be interested in.  In our current U.S. culture we see the ways in which men have difficulty navigating the world, whether it’s an inability to express ourselves without violence or finding new ways to excel at work, there are definitely challenges we all face on a day-to-day basis.  This is precisely what makes Mascupathy relevant as a book.  What if this perspective could have helped prevent violence if addressed early enough?

What I like about Mascupathy is that it views some of these difficulties, not as inherent character flaws, but more as an effect of socialization and environmental feedback.  Modern masculinity is challenging at times and I would venture to say that all of us at some point experience difficulty navigating the waters.  But, authors Charlie Donaldson and Randy Flood have no interest in making men out to be bad guys and recognize that difficulties exist on a continuum.  And better yet, they do provide insight into how we can be more responsible men in in modern times.

The book lands at 158 pages but certainly packs a hefty punch at only $14.95.  You can learn more about what authors Charlie Donaldson and Randy Flood think about mascupathy at their website for the Institute for the Prevention & Treatment of Mascupathy at www.mascupathy.org.

Disclosure: A review copy of Mascupathy: Understanding and Healing the Malaise of American Manhood was provided courtesy of the authors and Wilks Communications.

Book Review: Richard A. Clarke’s STING OF THE DRONE

Sting of the Drone

With 30 years experience in the national security business, bestselling author of Against All Enemies, Richard A. Clarke recently released his latest novel STING OF THE DRONE.

Clarke’s latest novel is comprised of an incredible amount of technical detail which makes for an amazingly realistic, and urgent novel. STING OF THE DRONE drags you into its timely story line in spite of its heavy use of technical jargon at times. It’s clear that Clarke is an expert in the business of national security.

I have to be honest, something like STING OF THE DRONE is not something that I would normally be interested in, but Clarke’s writing is compelling and balanced enough on the topic of national security and the use of drones in STING OF THE DRONE that it kept me engaged and chugging along with his characters.

The cast of characters is interesting and one strong positive about the novel is that the characters offer have a balanced perspective on the pro-drone side while those labeled as “terrorists” have a decidedly different perspective on the U.S.’ use of drones.

Full of action, accidents, loss and regrets Clarke’s STING OF THE DRONE offers a lot at under just three hundred pages.  It’s clear that Clarke has a profound knowledge base from which he draws and is likely able to project his own complicated thoughts on drones and nationals security in his novel’s characters.  For someone interested in national security, it’s a must read and for the curious reader STING OF THE DRONE offers a casual foray into territory we only hear about in the news.  No matter who you are, however, the novel is incredibly relevant to our times and presents an inside look into how the United States’ tries to keep its constituents safe.  STING OF THE DRONE is now available in hardcover for $25.99 via St. Martin’s Press and Thomas Dunne Books.

Check out Richard A. Clarke on Democracy Now earlier this month.  His portion starts around the 13:40 minute mark.

Disclosure: St. Martin’s Press provided a review copy of STING OF THE DRONE for the purpose of this review.

For the History Buff: Listverse.com’s Epic Book of Mind-Boggling Top 10 Lists

Listverse Book of Top 10 ListsI’ve always been a fan of knowing random trivia, but was never sold on history in general.  Listverse.com’s Epic Book of Mind-Boggling Top 10 Lists manages to seamless integrate the two, making a fun and easy read for many ages.

Covering everything from conspiracy theories to religion and technology and space, Jamie Frater’s anthology appears to be a well thought out and researched collection of some of the strangest, and probably lesser known, facts from history to the present day.

Landing at 720 pages, the book is a great beach companion or perfect for your daily subway commute.  I found myself being immersed int he book while on my daily travels.  At times I chuckled awkwardly to myself on the train while at other times I was horrified by lists like the “Top 10 Grotesque Examples of Male Genital Mutilation”.  OUCH!

There’s no shortage of strange lists so if weird is your thing, then you’ll likely find Listverse.com’s book incredibly entertaining.  From the “Top 10 Terrorist Organizations Operating in the USA” to the “Top 10 Classic Toys and Games That are Older Than You Think” there’s a ton of variety to enjoy here.  I’ve had the book for a few weeks now and it’s awesome to pull out for a few minutes of light reading or even interesting to share at small gatherings when you’re hanging out with friends.  It’s an infinitely interesting and fun read, especially if you’re fond of stuff off the beaten path. Who knows, you might even learn something…I know I did.

You can find Listverse.com’s Epic Book of Mind-Boggling Top 10 Lists via Ulysses Press.

Disclosure: Complimentary product for review was provided courtesy of Ulysses Press. The opinions presented included herein are of my own will and experience with the book and have not been unduly influenced any way shape or form.