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Product Review: Treets Traditions

Disclosure: Product for review has been provided for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions listed herein are mine and mine alone.

Treets Traditions is a company focused on creating products that strike a natural balance between the holistic, natural and accessible. Rooted in ancestral cosmetology, the worldwide approach to skin and body care is inspired and Treets offers an incredible range of products to meet pretty much every need.

I’ve recently spent some time with a select view of the Treets line up and I’m happy to share my thoughts with you today in this review!

Nourishing Spirits Miracle Oil

First up is Treets Nourishing Spirits Miracle Oil which hails from their Africa inspired line of body and grooming products.  This is a powerhouse product. I understand why it’s called Miracle Oil. It pretty much does it all.

The oil is made face, hair, body, hands and nails. It also works well as beard oil for the gents, so I personally think it’s a worthwhile product for the entire family.

It is a straight up oil, which means it is rich. It’s been a great product for me to have throughout the drier, winter months. It’s a great after shower product to seal in moisture. It definitely helps keep dry, cracking skin at bay.

It has 6 natural oils including Baobab and Marula, which you will likely hear more and more about in different grooming products as time goes on as I’ve noticed they are recently gaining some steam. I find these oils absorb well into the skin and don’t feel as heavy as others. Miracle Oil also has almond oil (my personal all-time favorite) and jojoba which helps provide protection from a super greasy feel. If you don’t like heavy oils, this might be the perfect blend for you to try. It’s good enough for use from head to toe.  It’s great for men, women and children. I cannot say enough good things about it. To be honest, I’ll be sad when I run out!

Price: $26 / Availability: www.ulta.com

Revitalising Ceremonies Body Salt Scrub

I’ve had less success with the body salt scrub. While it has the same nice, refreshing (and clean) scent as the body lotion (review below) it just didn’t hit the mark for me. I think, in large part, due to how wet the product is in the jar and how small the salt crystals are.

I can see some folks really enjoying the smoothness of it, but I have to say that I expect a bit more grit in my scrub.  I didn’t really feel like this scrub offered me the exfoliation I was looking for.  The good news is, I do think that it works well as an addition to a nice, long bath soak. These small salt crystals and natural oils dissolve well in a hot bath. I’ve definitively gotten some great use out of it this way.

Price: $20.00 / Availability: www.ulta.com

Revitalising Ceremonies Body Lotion

This has to be, my favorite Treets product that I’ve tried so far. I’m notorious for continuously moisturizing my hands.  After all, who wants ashy dry hands?!  Not I! After I wash my hands, I can’t stand the feeling of dry skin. To compensate, I always keep lotion nearby. This body lotion has quickly become a staple. So much so, that it hasn’t left the spot in my home office that it has occupied for several weeks now.

With apricot oil, cranberry and thyme, this lotion just does the trick. It works so well that I often find myself applying it after applying my drug store body lotion that I’m sure most folks use too. It speaks to the idea that sometimes you get what you pay for. This lotion is expensive but if you’re sensitive about your skin’s needs, you will definitely feel see the value in stretching your cash.

Price: $19.00 / Availability: www.ulta.com


All the products mentioned in this post are available at Ulta.com or Treets.com.

Product Review: Shea Moisture Argan Oil & Raw Shea Body Scrub

Shea Moisture Body Scrub

Packaging: I feel like Shea Moisture really got it right with the package design. It’s simple, to the point and very nondescript which are things I really appreciate in a design.  The label is a cool, burnt orange color which reads a little more masculine than some of their other labels (such as the Curl Enhancing Smoothie). Thumbs up.

Consistency:  This is a true sugar scrub, so the mixture tends to clump and harden at times, which is my only real qualm about the product.  The good news is that at a slight hint of hot water, the product just melts away.

A close up of the consistency.

Smell: A while back I tried Shea Moisture’s Deep Treatment Masque for my hair and did not like the smell.  I seriously thought I had some weird aversion to frankincense & myrrh.  That is until I found this stuff. I don’t know what it is about this scrub, but I love the smell.  I smell a lot of shea in this mix and its supported by the argan oil, frankincense and myrrh.  In the shower or bath, the smell swarmed around me leaving me feeling pretty indulged and relaxed.  The scent is definitely a plus!

Price:  I got this product at the Bryant Park Holiday Market pop up store in November.  At that time, luckily for me there were running a 3 for $20 special!  Normally Shea Moisture’s products run about 10 bucks each, making them a consistently good value for cruelty free, ethically traded, sustainable products. When it comes to value, Shea Moisture is where it’s at.

Overall Impression: To be honest, I think using a scrub regularly takes a bit too much thought for me.  Between doing that and taming the fro, I would be showering for about an hour if I used it regularly. But a few weeks ago I discovered that the best use of this scrub for me is to drop a palm-ful into a hot bath.  Yes, men takes baths…on occassion.  When I’m feeling particularly tense or  sore a hot bath is the best remedy.  During the Winter months, I rely on baths a lot more and letting some of this dissolve in the tub water is pure magic.  You get all the benefits of the shea butter and argan oil without the mess of using the scrub. The only downside to this, if there really is one, is that the smell lingered on my towel for some time…then again, I didn’t mind at all!