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Q&A with Stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton with Dove Men+Care Review

Stunt performer Bobby Holland Hanton.
Stunt performer Bobby Holland Hanton.

Hollywood stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton has worked with Chris Hemsworth as Thor and as a stunt double for Daniel Craig in Quantum Solace, and those are only a few of Hanton’s accomplishments!  The gymnast turned stunt performer is also sponsored by Dove Men+Care who was kind enough to send along some product for review.  But first, here’s my quick Q&A with Hanton:

MANE MAN: How are you able stay in such good fighting shape?

BHH: Well for me, I have found that keeping in shape at all times is very important. No matter what movie I am filming, or not filming for that matter, I maintain a balance of nutrition and exercise, in order to be in the best physical shape possible. Then, when an opportunity comes along, depending on who the actor is I am able to put on or lose weight relatively easy, with changes in either my diet or exercise. For instance, while doubling Chris Hemsworth in Thor 2, I isolated upper body workouts more regularly and included weights more often to bulk up; whereas for Daniel Craig in Bond, I focused more on nutrition and cardio to stay slender.

MM: And what role does “lifestyle” play in that?

BHH: I think the biggest thing that connects my career and every-day lifestyle would be discipline. I have to stay dedicated, even off-set and during my day-to-day. When I finish rehearsing, or filming, the only thing I want to do is go home, however I know I have to get a workout in – once I leave the gym, I always feel accomplished. My job truly depends on my body and what I am able to perform; therefore I know I have to push myself.

MM: Some of us find it difficult to embrace that discipline and mind shift into a healthier lifestyle.  Was that ever something that you were challenged by or found difficult?

BHH: Yes, definitely. When I first started my career, the drastic change in physique between roles and characters was extremely difficult. I was putting on weight, just to lose it a few months later. It was very difficult, because I was new to it and was testing the waters. However, now I have found out how my body works, and where my medium is to be able to lose or put on weight quickly.

MM: And you are known in Hollywood for superior stunt performance, and the new Dove +Men Care products fall right in line with that. Do you find it important to incorporate high performing products into your grooming routine as well?

BHH: Yes. It is extremely important to maintain a strict grooming regimen, especially when we are constantly wearing makeup, and wigs, while being physically active. Dove Men+Care offers a full range of products, specifically made for men’s skin, face and hair. I love their thickening shampoo, which truly does work, when I have wigs pulling at my hair for 12 hours a day (in Thor!). I also use the Odor Guard PW which is extremely gentle on my skin, and keeps me moisturized after all of the makeup and prosthetics used in some of these superhero movies.  I also love the Hydrate face wash and their new Fresh Awake Antiperspirant, which offers a non-irritating formula, so I am comfortable all day on set. You have to find products that suit you, and your skin care needs. It is great that Dove Men+Care offers such a variety of effective products for your entire routine.

Well said! Now on to the review!

dove deodorant
Dove Men+Care Fresh Awake deodorant and antiperspirant.

Obviously Dove Men+Care products are reasonably priced and widely available at corner drug stores and major chains around the country, which is definitely a great thing.  Dove Men+Care sent me both of the “Fresh Awake” scents formulas: the Non-irritant  Antiperspirant Deodorant and the 1/4 Moisturized Deodorant to review.

In my trials with the products, I have to say that I prefer the 1/4 Moisturizer Deodorant as it seems to both protect against odor and offer a smoother feeling as opposed to the more traditional antiperspirant deodorant. Unfortunately, the antiperspirant does list aluminum as an active ingredient which is known to cause skin irritation (it definitely did for me) which can be a very uncomfortable feeling.  For those not bothered by traditional deodorants causing itchy underarms don’t fret, but for those with more sensitive skin I would obviously advise you to try out the moisturizing deodorant instead.  Overall, both are solid performers and most guys would likely be satisfied with either.