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How to Quickly Grow Your Hair ft. Winstonee

As I mentioned in my previous post, my hair tends to grow VERY quickly but I realize that many folks have the opposite problem. Sometimes your hair won’t go quickly enough! Well, you’re in luck as I’ve some tips to share with you courtesy of YouTube personality Winstonee.

In the clip below you’ll gain the inside scoop from Winstonee on what techniques he uses to help grow his hair. And if you look at his other videos, you’ll see the proof in his mane.

Some of the tips you may be familiar with, while others may be new to you. The important thing to remember is that for most of us, it’s all about trial and error. Not everything is going to work for everyone. For instance, Winstonee talks about dry-detangling, which I personally find horrible. Give me a ton of conditioner on wet hair and finger¬†detangling any day. But again, to each his own. Listen to your hair and learn what works for you. These steps, however, are a great starting point. And there’s some good hair education in there as well.

Enjoy and happy growing!


We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to our winner Anita J. on her win of the Old Spice Swagger Gel prize pack! Anita, please check your email for instructions on how to claim your prize ūüôā

Thank you to everyone who shared the post and entered the latest giveaway on MANE MAN! There will be more opportunities in the VERY near future to win some more goodies. ¬†Please subscribe to updates from MANE MAN ( just on the right¬†sidebar there —–>) and feel free to follow me on Twitter (@manemanblog) and Instagram (@manemanblog) for more content and other opportunities to win.

Instagrammers I Double Tap <3

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Scrolling through Instagram is one of my favorite, time-wasting activities. There is always a lot of visually stunning photos and good information to go around.

When “stories” first hit, I had to admit that I wasn’t sold on the idea. Fast forward to now as I often find myself re-watching certain stories over and over again. It’s shameless, really.

Here are some of my favorite ‘grammers that you might want to check out.

@myleik: Myleik is a business person, inspiration-maven and a go-getter. I’ve long been a fan of her work and business (Curl Box). There’s plenty to admire. But with her newest venture My Taught You, Myleik delves deep into inspiration, personal and business growth. You’ll often find inspiring or thoughtful quotes on her page. And her stories are also pretty good at giving you a sneak peek of her home life, day-to-day boss status and RECIPES. She also has a podcast that is well worth a listen (yours truly was also a guest!).

@prestonkonrad: I’ve always been a fan of style but not the super avant-garde stuff. Give me a classic and straightforward look any time. That’s why I’m so used to double-tapping Preston Konrad’s account. I first came across Preston on his TLC show Style by Jury, which was essentially my new updated What Not to Wear.¬†I was sad when that show ended and was all too happy to discover Preston’s fashion-centered Instagram account. I ran into Preston at an event a few months ago and awkwardly introduced myself to him. He’s stylish and gracious in person, which isn’t something you always encounter in the style industry. If you need some fashion inspiration, he could be your new go-to guy.

@skinnywashere: This guy works hard, travels a lot and parties hard too! If you’re looking for a good time with pictures of some pretty attractive people and gorgeous locations, then you should be following Skinny. He’s a talented photographer and seems to have a whole lot of fun too!

@_jamesthor: Me and James go way back to my days in NC. We’ve both relocated since those college days and I’m incredibly proud to see the work that he’s been doing. His photos of some of the most beautiful people is always inspired and interesting to view.

@becauseofthem: Let’s be honest, these days we all need an extra dose of inspiration, don’t we? Because of Them We Can is one of my favorite Instagram accounts for that reason. The posts drip with pride in the Black experience and it’s always so wonderful to see young kids embody some of the greatest figures in Black American history. Not only are the pictures often adorable, they’re also educational which is saying a lot for a platform mostly used to show pretty faces and bodies (not that there is anything wrong with that…see above!).

@humansofny: If you’re not a New Yorker you may not know about this one. Brandon Stanton, the man behind Humans of New York, is not only a photographer but a storyteller. His series of posts highlighting NYers (and people he meets on his travels) is at all times riveting. It’s occasionally exciting, romantic, and at times heartbreaking. It’s hard to mindlessly scroll through Instagram when you have something so special in your feed. Follow this account. I promise you won’t regret it.

And a special shout out to Victoria of Victoria McGinley Studio for the inspiration for this post!

Who do you like to follow on Instagram the most? Weigh in!

Talking Beards, Equality & Activism with Musician Civil JustUs

Civil Justus is a Brooklyn based rap artist and creative. The self-described thirst trap connoisseur initially attracts due to his lush beard and good looks, but it’s what comes out of his mouth that keeps your attention. I recently took some time to talk with Civil about his beard, music and social media presence. Check it out!

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MANE MAN::Thanks for joining me here and taking some time to answer a few questions for me. ‚ÄčI’m sure that one of the things that ‚Äčimmediately ‚Äčgets people’s attention is that you maintain what some might call a pretty ‚Äčserious beard. It looks so well cared for! ‚Äč I think that a lot of men are embracing more facial hair and beards again. ‚ÄčWhat initially inspired you to grow one and how do you ‚Äčtypically ‚Äčmaintain it?

Civil Justus: I started growing it during Hurricane Sandy because I couldn’t get to my barber for a few weeks. But I liked it and the attention I got for it and kept it. Posted some selfies and my following went from 300- 1000 in a month. I knew the beard was there to stay. As far as maintenance, I don’t really do anything outside of the norm other than just keep it conditioned and oiled. I have this peppermint conditioner I used that keeps my beard feeling cool and never itchy. Saves me from ever having the urge to shave it.

MM: I’ve been following you for a while‚Äč now‚Äč and noticed that you speak out a lot on social and political issues, especially on Twitter. What ‚Äčmotivates you to use your voice in this way‚Äč?

CJ: I feel like those of us who have a platform kind of have a responsibility to use our voice for good. Though as an Afrolatino living in the US I’m marginalized myself, there are plenty of folks going through worse and I just want to provide a voice as well as be someone who amplifies the voices of more marginalized individuals.

MM:‚Äč One of the things that stands out to me about your online presence is that you talk openly about equality. You’ve spoken not only about race and feminism but also seem to be accepting of LGBTQ communities as well. Was that equality-based perspective something that you always had in your environment growing up? If not, how did you gain that exposure and comfort with people whose experiences may seem very different from yours?

CJ: There’s no reason not to be accepting. I have love for all members of my community and alienating people and further marginalizing members of our community does nothing for any of us. Everyone should have a right to love and lust who they want as well as be who they are. I think a lack of comfort folks have with people who are different than them is really a lack of comfort with themselves.

MM: You’ve also done some modeling work for different brands. Is that something that you always saw yourself doing, or wanted to do?

CJ: Not really to be honest, but I definitely can’t say I’m mad about it. I’ve been getting more and more opportunities to work with different brands and I think it’s dope. Never would have thought it. People wouldn’t believe it, but I’m not even that big on taking photos of myself. I do it more for the reception. Also, working with these brands helps me feel like I can still keep my integrity as an artist and get my name out. There’s so much opportunity out there and I’m happy I can stay true while exploring those.

MM: I want to go back to your online presence a bit. Social media is how I got to know you and your work both as a musician and an activist and it’s obviously a big part of our lives these days. ‚ÄčWhat‚Äč would you say is ‚Äčyour favorite thing about social media?

CJ: I think the best thing is the ability to connect with people. I’ve grown a lot over the years due to the many people I’ve met through social media. I’ve also been able to get my voice out in ways I would have never thought possible. My mom’s coworkers even follow me. I think it’s such a powerful and necessary tool today.

MM: AGREED. You’ve also recently talked about how sometimes it can be easy to burnout on social media, especially with all of the political coverage floating around. How do you strike that balance about being informed, using your voice and practicing good self-care?

CJ: It’s hard to be honest. Sometimes I just take a step back. I take periodic breaks and just focus on other things that have nothing to do with what’s going on out there at the moment. We are in this for the long haul so we have to be careful not to burn ourselves out. Trump is going to say some stupid shit at least 3 times a day so I think its okay to watch Bob’s Burgers every now and then.

MM: Good point! And what can the readers look forward to next from you?

CJ: I’ve been working hard on some new tracks and putting together my debut album. Also been preparing some dope visuals for that which we’re looking to put out in the spring. I’m really excited about this year and what I have in store.

It looks like we’ll all have plenty more of Civil JustUs to enjoy in 2017! ¬†To learn more about Civil and his work, visit his website at You can also keep up with him on Twitter and Instagram @CivilJustus.

A Reflection on Friday, January 20, 2017

I’m not sure what to write today as I know so many of us are feeling so many different emotions. ¬†I’m with you. While we certainly have some challenges to face in the coming days, months, and years here in the States I also have to say that I am encouraged by the intelligent and cogent discourse that I have witnessed, and been a part of, ¬†recently about our political system.

In some ways I am not surprised by the current dynamics of our country and the labeling of some rights as irresponsible “special interests”. It’s been coming for a while. I did, like many of you, feel¬†shocked on November 8. It was a tough night. After watching interviews and confirmation¬†hearings recently, I’m still in awe of the status of our country and what has come to be known as generally acceptable or¬†tolerable from our representatives.

We are all responsible for what happens next. Continue to fight for what’s right and stay involved. If you haven’t been involved, get involved. And most of all, RESIST.


Photo credit: Library of Congress
Artist: Charles T Webber

6 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe this Winter

I know that many of you out there have pets that you care for, so much that you might consider them your fur babies. As we’re now in the winter months and dealing with some real cold as of late I thought it might be helpful to share some tips on taking care of your pups in the colder months.

I’ve touched base with expert¬†Erin Askeland from Camp Bow Wow for her tips for smart winter pet care. Check out her tips below!

Never let your dog off the leash in snow or ice. Although it may seem like a fun option to let your pup frolic in the snow, it can prove to be extremely dangerous. Dogs tend to lose their sense of smell in extremely cold weather and become lost. Believe it or not, winter has the highest rates for lost dogs!

Thoroughly wipe down your dog when he comes back into the house after being in the snow. It is common for dogs to ingest salts for melting ice as well as anti-freeze, which can prove to be very toxic. Not only is ingesting toxins a problem, but snow being left between your dogs’ toes can cause ice chunks to freeze on their fur, possibly causing your dog to rip their fur or pads.

Use Dog-Friendly/Pet Safe Ice Melt whenever de-icing outdoors. Again, the toxins in most products are NOT safe for pets or humans to ingest.

Similar to how you should never leave your dog in the car during the summer, the same goes for the winter; a car can act almost like a freezer in the winter, trapping heat outside and causing your pet to freeze to death. Likewise, a shelter is always a necessity! Whether always an outdoor dog or just outside to play, make sure to have a shelter for them from the wind and snow.

Consider getting your pup a seasonal jacket or sweater to help ensure they are both comfortable and fashionable as the temperatures drop.

Fresh water is a must at all times, as your dog may be more likely to lick ice and eat snow if he/she is thirsty from lack of water. Similar to the above point, it is common for dogs to ingest snow-melting-salts and antifreeze.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 Deals & Steals

Black Friday is quickly approaching and if you’re planning on spending any money, then this post will help provide you with some of the best deals related to grooming and style. ¬†Check out the list below for deals what will be good for yourself and help you put away some holiday gifts for other as well. ¬†I’ll update as new deals and information rolls in so keep checking back for updates!

Skin Care & Beauty

Bétèrre Skin+Care

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Enjoy 40% off all products

Boscia¬†(sale¬†Friday, 11/25 5AM PST¬†–¬†Sunday, 11/27 at 11:59PM PST)

  • BOGO 50% OFF, Select Masks & Cleaner: Use promo code YESPLEASE
  • Buy 2, Get 1 FREE Cleansing Cloth/Select Konjac Cleansing Sponge: Use promo code WANTMORE
  • 50% OFF Select Blotting Linens

  • Buy One Get One Free: Mirakle Cream


  • Receive 50% off select Perricone MD products with exclusive Daily Deal specials each day (Black Friday and Cyber Monday – 11/23 – 11/28)


  • ¬†25% off site wide (excludes all holiday gift sets). Includes LUNA 1 range, LUNA 2 range, Day Cleanser, Night Cleanser, Cleanser for Men, ISSA, ISSA accessories, and IRIS (11/24 – 11/28)

Cos Bar

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday (in store too!): Gift with purchase (t-shirt) of $150 purchase in-stores and online; 6 samples (2x) with in-store and online purchase and free shipping!

Mineral Fusion

  • Enjoy 40% off Mineral Fusion products (11/28)

Hair Care


  • 30% of entire site, no coupon code needed!

Hair La Vie All Natural Haircare Products

  • Doorbuster deals up to 30% off

WEN Hair & Body Care by Chaz Dean

  • 20% off using code FRIDAY2016 (11/25-11/28)


  • 11/25 receive 20% off all items using code ‚ÄúLAFCO2016‚ÄĚ at checkout


  • Ultra CHI flat irons and blow dryers, $74.96 ($149.95 value)

Original Moxie

  • Purchases of $35 or more will receive 30% off with promo code BFOM2016 (11/25-11/28)

Body Care

Jack Black

  • Pick up Jack Black‚Äôs All-Over Wash for Face, Hair & Body in a luxury-size 33 oz. bottle for just $30, available exclusively at Nordstrom (a $46 value).
  • The Jack Black Clean Start set includes Deep Dive¬ģ Glycolic Facial Cleanser, new Clean Break‚ĄĘ Oil-Free Moisturizer and Turbo Wash¬ģ Energizing Cleanser. ¬†Available 11/25/16 exclusively at Sephora ($15 – $33 value).
  • JackBlack Body Works available for $20 at¬†Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, ULTA Beauty, Sephora and (11/25-11/28).
  • Jack Black Best Of Jack set¬†(ULTA Beauty Black Friday Exclusive!)¬†Covers body, face and lip care at an unbeatable value.¬†Availability: Exclusively at ULTA for $12 (11/25-11/28).



  • ¬†30% off all full priced styles (no exclusions) & 10% of sale styles (11/22-11/29)
  • Cyber Monday Deal (offer valid 11/22-11/29) ¬∑ 30% off all full priced styles (no exclusions) & 10% of sale styles & $10 off your next purchase with any purchase made on Cyber Monday (11/28)

Dock and Bay

  • 30% off site wide with promo code ROAMFREE (11/24 – 11/28)


  • 30% of everything (Black Friday)
  • Enjoy an additional 20% off on sale items, for up to 70% off (Cyber Monday)

United By Blue

  • 25% off sitewide plus free US shipping (11/ 25-11/28)
  • Daily Cyber Week Deals, 15% off storewide + free shipping on us orders (11/29 – 12/2)

Mott & Bow

  • 10, 20 or 30% off (depending on amount spent) using code BLACKFRIDAY (deals live now until 11/25 at midnight)

Food & Drink

Exquisito Chocolates (SO GOOD!)

  • 50% off EVERYTHING using code: BLACKFRIDAY (11/25)

You can also check out WalletHubs list of 2016’s Best Things to Buy on Black Friday to see more deals (and possibly brainstorm on some gifts). Happy shopping!



3 Reasons Luke Cage Should be Your Next Binge-worthy TV Adventure

On September 30, Netflix presented its newest Marvel offering, the much-anticipated Luke Cage. It’s the show you¬†should be watching!

Metro black culture is put front and center

One of the coolest things about new Netflix show Luke Cage is that it so boldly celebrates Harlem, NYC and the black experience that we don’t see too often on mainstream television. ¬†Filming was completed in New York City so residents of the concrete jungle will find a lot of familiar sights in the series. In addition, soul, r&b and hip hop music play a big part in series. If the conversations among my friends are any indication, I think that a soundtrack to the series would be highly desired. ¬† If you have love for any of these things, it’s hard to imagine that you wouldn’t appreciate what Luke Cage brings to the table. The show also features an overwhelmingly Black cast which is something we don’t often get to witness.

It’s so popular it crashed Netflix streaming in at least 3 countries

The premier of Luke Cage has been highly anticipated. Most of us (who aren’t die-hard comic book fans) first got a glimpse of Luke in Netflix’s AKA Jessica Jones series starring Krysten Ritter. ¬†As fans marveled at Daredevil, then AKA Jessica Jones, our appetites were not so subtly¬†anticipating the arrival of Luke Cage. So much so apparently many of us started streaming it at the same time! ¬†There are reports that streaming was interrupted in the US, UK and Ireland as everyone took time to start the binge-worthy series upon its release. Given its popularity, there’s something to be said for just giving the show a try.

You get to reconnect with some familiar faces

Not only do you get to enjoy Mike Colter as the virtually indestructible Luke Cage, but there are also some other familiar faces (and new ones too) that will help you commit to the series. ¬†Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes, the show’s main villain is a face familiar to many Netflix aficionados. ¬†He’s most recognizable as the character Remy from that other hit Netflix show, House of Cards. ¬†In tow, as Cottonmouth’s inspired but misguided business partner of sorts, is the incomparable Alfre Woodard who seems to deliver each line with conviction even though she initially seems much shadier than she’s letting on. ¬†Sons of Anarchy fans will also appreciate the appearance of Theo Rossi who was known as Juice in the series.

Luke Cage is streaming on Netflix now. You can check out the trailer below for a pre-binge sneak peek:

People use hairspray for what?!

Good morning all! It’s been a little while since I did a weekly obsessions post so I thought I would bring it back because the things that I’ve been obsessing over this week are too good to not share with you.

If you need a little break from #Elections2016 or the #Stanford sexual assault case you might find some solace in these cool and otherwise lighthearted obsessions this week.

First up, is this hilarious video of a mother talking about how she’s upset with Black folks for hiding the butters. WHO FINALLY TOLD HER?! ūüėČ ¬†I feel very strongly about my shea butter for pretty everything and it seems like this woman now does too.. Enjoy!

For those of you who are looking to keep your beard looking amazing just like friend-in-my-head rapper CivilJustus, you may want to check out this beard care regimen from Birchbox. It’s fantastic and has some product recommendations for you to try as well. Unfortunately, I can’t classify myself as a part of the #beardgang because I never grow out my facial hair quite that much,¬†but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a well-groomed¬†one. ¬†Also, the first beard oil I ever tried smells amazing and I would highly recommend it. You can find my review of Corktown Beard Oil here.

One of my favorite finds over the past week has to be People Keep Mistaking African-Caribbean Hairspray for Cooking Oil via Buzzfeed. This will never not be funny.

Also, I’m not too often about that petty life but this is just too funny.

And finally, Father’s Day is getting close! If you’re looking for some ideas to consider for pops, check out 19 Incredible Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day (plus a bonus option!).

19 Incredible Gifts for Dad!

The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not only for himself, but for his family. – Reed Markham

Father’s Day is almost here!  It’s about a month away at this point, that’s right it’s June 19th this year, so I know some of you are already thinking about the best way to honor pops on this day.

There’s not one right way to be a father. From the outdoorsy type to the corporate Dad, fathers come in all styles, shapes and sizes. It’s important to show them that we care this upcoming Father’s Day!

For some of us Father’s Day means letting Dad have the day off and just letting him drink beer and watch baseball, for others Father’s Day might mean a day full of gifts or exciting adventures. I’ve been thinking a lot about this and wanted to share with you a collection of gift ideas that covers almost every kind of Dad out there.

Today, I’m sharing with you my collection of 19 Incredible Gifts for Father’s Day.  From grooming to gadgets, to bacon (of course) and booze, you’ll definitely find some much-needed inspiration here. Here are some of my favorite picks that are featured in the collection:

  • The Original Baconkit (Make you own bacon at home!)
  • Art of Shaving Starter Kit
  • Uncommon Greens NYC Street Maps Rocks cocktail glasses (I have these too!)
  • Cooperstown Distillery’s Triple Play Baseball Decanters
  • A custom wood desk organizer via Etsy

You’ll find all these gifts, and plenty others, in the collection at the beginning of this post. Check it out!