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Interviews and dedication posts of some of the most well known mane men around.

How to Look as Cool as Your Favorite Movie Character for Less!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by the folks at Sunglass Warehouse.

Many of us spend a good amount of time watching movies. Sometimes the humor is what keeps us entertained, like in The Hangover. Sometimes its the genuine badassness that hooks us like in Scarface.  From Bradley Cooper to Al Pacino to Zach Galifinakis and the Blues Brothers, classic movie characters often come with classic style.

While we can’t typically afford the threads that our favorite actors wear on the silver screen, we can get their look for less.

For those of us on a budget (like me) trying to look like these iconic characters can be tough. That’s where Sunglass Warehouse helps us out! You can find a variety of styles inspired from some of the styles in these classic guy movies.

Personally, aviator sunglasses have long been a favorite Spring and Summer style staple for me but I like to switch it up every now and then. After all, style is all about personal expression and how often do we always feel the same?  Right?!

Take a look below to see how you can have your favorite sunglass looks for less.

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Come meet me at Skyroom September 11!

Hi all, if you haven’t heard yet, yours truly will be a part of the Follicle film celebration on September 11 from 7-11 PM at NYC hot-spot Skyroom!  Hopefully I’ll get to meet many of you, share some cocktails and plenty of laughs while we gaze at all the fantastic fros and natural hair around.

We will all be in good company as Karen Tappin of Karen’s Body Beautiful joins us along with Cassidy Blackwell of Natural Selection blog and the ever-hilarious and super talented actress and comedienne Kim Coles!

Oh and did I mention there are awesome giveaways and goodie bags for the first 200 people to attend? ABSOLUTELY!  See the invite below for deets and don’t forget to visit to get your tickets ahead of time ($10 + fees for early bird tix or $15 at the door).  I’ll see you there!

Follicle flyer


MANE MAN: Russell Martin

New York Yankees everyday catcher Russell Martin has proven to be an asset for the team since joining in 2011.  Even without a consistent power batting average Martin delivers when it counts, especially on the defensive end.  Born to a Black Canadian father and French Canadian mother, Martin was born in Quebec and lived there for years until moving with his family to Paris.

Before settling with the Yankees, Martin spent years in the minor leagues for the LA Dodgers until being called up in 2006.  The accolades followed, with Martin earning a Silver Slugger and Golden Glove for his 2007 season. Not to mention, he is the first ever Canadian born catcher to start the All-Star Game. Not to bad, eh?  Oh and let’s not forget Martin’s grand slam that helped the Yanks make an MLB record on August 25, 2011. Ahhh, memories.

But baseball isn’t all that Martin has up his sleeves.  He’s also a big fan of mixed martial arts and apparently adopts some of the training techniques to keep in shape for the chase for 28 (fingers crossed).  He’s also an avid supporter of the One Drop Foundation which aims to help every person in the world have access to clean water.  Why wouldn’t you want this guy on your team?!

Today, he sports a pretty cropped do’ due to the stringent Yankees code of grooming, but I’m still a fan of both his hair (he’s also libel to sport a goatee every now and then) and style of play.  To keep up with one of my favorite Yankees, check him out on Twitter @Russellmartin55.  Just keep in mind you’ll get the occasional French tweet.   I just wonder, what would he look like with a fro?


Lenny Kravitz & The Shakeout

As you should know by now, Lenny Kravitz is probably my biggest style icon and he was a great inspiration in my decision to start growing my fro.  Like I wrote before, I even took a picture of him to the barber and said, “I want my hair to look like this!”  Fast forward a couple of years and I’ve only just discovered this video on You Tube of Lenny in the Bahamas doing what I’ve done in the shower for a while now…The Shakeout!

P.S. I always wondered what I looked like shaking about and its pretty awkward to watch someone do it LOL



Interview with Julian Burke, Founder of Dreadsock

“I’m very blessed to have two passions. One of them is fitness and one of them is Dreadsock.”

Talking with other naturals out there, I always find it interesting (and surprising) how hair can lead us to connect to one another on much deeper levels. This past week I was fortunate enough to carve out some time to chat with Julian Burke, founder of Dreadsock, to discuss the development of his company and his journey to growing and accepting his hair. He shared with me the process of founding his own company and how locking his hair helped me reconnect with his roots and to a deeper connection to his heritage and spirituality. We had a chance to touch on the whole “good hair” vs. “bad hair” debate and really connected on growing up in racially mixed households and largely White school environments.

MANE MAN: Hi Julian, I’m glad we were able to sit down and talk! When I initially heard about Dreadsock I was very curious about what made you get started. It’s not common for a guy to be spearheading a hair related product, so I was very curious about what got you there.

Julian Burke: Well, it was never about anything more than my dreads. I always wanted to grow locs for years and I never did. I put it off. When you decide to lock you hair up, that’s it. You either have to shave it. Or that’s it. I kept putting it off, it just wasn’t the right time and there was this lady who actually helped me get started, I told her that I don’t ever want to lose a job because of my locks. I wanted to make sure that I kept them clean and I knew from the locks I had seen, there were some people who had bed lint in their locks or it was matted and I didn’t want that. I really wanted to keep them clean and I never wanted to have to change careers or professions because of my hair. So when she started them, she was from Jamaica via England, staying in my home town in West Virginia, and she said, “I can help you get them started.” So she got me started and Dreadsock was never meant to be anything other than something I could wear at night to cover up my locks without getting bed lint or any other debris in my hair. It was a simple concept and I always try to keep it simple. After a few years, people figured out ways to use it for more than just sleeping and I think that’s great.

MM: Yeah, I was thinking about your work as a personal trainer and just wondering if Dreadsock has been something that you’ve incorporated in your workouts and that sort of thing?

JB: Well, it has gone from just a covering to now where we have bandanas, headbands and stuff like that. People have also begun to wear it as a fashion statement, or a more fashionable product as opposed to just a sleep cover. The sock in and of itself isn’t the most beautiful thing to wear out, but that’s OK because it was designed to wear to sleep so it doesn’t have to look great. But the design of it and the material are amazing. I worked for years to find just the right material so that it wasn’t sliding off at night. There were versions that I tried that would slide off at night or leave that terrible ring on your forehead and I wanted it to be easy. I didn’t want to have to wrap it or tie it, so it really took years for me to really come up with or research the perfect product. Like I’ve always said, the simpler the concept, the more effective it is. Now, I’ve got so many ideas and now we’re going to make it a line of apparel. Whether that be knitted hats or Winter caps or baseball hats, I’ve got a lot of sketches and I lot of ideas of prototypes that we can get to the market.

Read on for the full interview…

MANE MAN: Sean Denizard

Woo hoo! I’m really excited about today’s interview.  I spotted today’s featured mane man online and I was immediately mesmerized by his awesome hair. It turns out Sean is a really nice guy, model and spokesmodel for Miss Jessie’s and smart USA!  I had the pleasure of checking in with him and asking him a few questions.  Check him out!

To begin, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Scotland, speak some French, and I collect Supra’s (the sneakers).

You’ve got great hair!  How would you describe it in ten words or less?

Vibrant,  strong, & inspiring.

So how do you maintain your style? What are some of your “go-to” products?

Well as I am the spokesmodel for Miss Jessie’s original (sold at Target & Ricky’s 🙂 ), So I must say thanks to the lovely ladies Miko & TiTi I always have stuff available and Quick Curls has always been my go to product. If I could give anyone any advice I would say deep conditioning  is the key, which is where Miss Jessie’s Super Sweetback or Rapid Recovery come in great.

I also read that you’re a spokesmodel for smart USA…CONGRATULATIONS! How did that come about?

I see that as gods favor, hard work, and believing in yourself as everyone should do. If you don’t believe in you, no one will.  I attended a casting and was shown favor and my personality was a fit for the 6 national US market models.

So, what’s next for you Mr. Denizard?

I am currently hosting parties as well as personal appearances all over the place, and loving it. I am also working on an underwear line, which would bring quality, appealing men’s underwear your partner will love and even want to wear.

Between smart car and Miss Jessie’s original I stay pretty busy, but have also found time to host and attend charity 5k runs with Move Dance which is a charity bringing the arts, including free dance & music, to children who would not be able to afford it otherwise.

Awesome! And finally, how can people keep in touch with you?

For Bookings/ Appearances:


MANE MAN: Ethan Zohn

Ethan Zohn
Ethan Zohn

Today’s MANE MAN is a former reality tv star and a living inspiration.  Ethan Zohn first came across my radar many years ago when he appeared in a little show called Survivor.  These days Zohn is model survivor fighting his battle publicly with cancer, all the while sporting those trademark locks of his.  This dude has seriously awesome curly hair….like seriously awesome.  And did you know that man is an author, commentator, and invented things too?! I want to be like him when I grow up.

Not only known for his trademark mane, Zohn is not your typical reality tv star, he is also a philanthropist as evidenced by his organization Grassroots Soccer which he founded after winning Survivor.  Grassroots is a non-profit HIV/AIDS prevention oriented organization focused on the prevention of the virus in Africa.  Using his background as a professional soccer player, Grassroots spreads awareness by using soccer as a medium.  Fitness + awareness is always a good look in my book.

Zohn and Morasca, NYC Marathon

Zohn recently completed the NYC Marathon this past weekend and according to reports, will resume cancer treatment in the next few days.  I have never met Zohn, but his generous spirit is evident through his efforts with Grassroots and his participation in the PETA campaign with longtime girlfriend and partner (and fellow Survivor contestant) Jenna Morasca.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Morasca before and I wish them both the best as Ethan continues to forge on with his treatment.  You both have great enduring spirits and only deserve the best!  Please send Ethan well wishes on Twitter @EthanZohn and remember to celebrate Movember and the health of all the men in your life.  Feel free to check out a recent interview with Ethan at US Weekly here.

MANE MAN: Cornel West

This Harvard, Yale and Princeton educated man is a modern man who is well-known for his political beliefs as well as his classic fro.  Dr.West is widely known as an author, educator and media personality.  This brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.  has written several books and even appeared in the Matrix films (who knew?).  His views on race relations and most recently, our economy, are sometimes considered controversial but West has the wit, attitude and intelligence to back it up.

Currently, Dr. West is working on a project called The Poverty Tour along with commentator/media personality Tavis Smiley.  The tour strives to raise awareness and improve opportunities for those living in poverty in the U.S.  Dr. West is a champion for equal rights and opportunities for all and is not afraid to speak his mind which in my book, makes him a modern-day hero.  Check out The Poverty Tour and his official website for more information.