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Dwyane Wade’s Private Chef Launches Eating Well to Win

How many of you think that Dwyane Wade is one of the better players of our current generation?  Well if you’re a fan of his, or his incredible partner Gabrielle Union, then you know they are couple goals.

If you want to start to live like Gabby and Dwyane then the first step might be eating like them. The couples’ private chef, Richard Ingraham, at, has recently launched his cookbook of Southern, Asian, and Creole inspired recipes that will have you eating just like the Wades.  To look like them, it might take a lot of working out though.

Eating good and feeling satisfied with food doesn’t mean that it has to be unhealthy and judging from the look of the recipes in this book, that’s a philosophy that the Wades live by.

Eating Well to Win is inspired by Chef Ingraham’s catering career as well as his tenure as private chef to Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade for over 10 years. I got to take a peek at the book and many of the recipes look delicious and easy to make.

Garlic shrimp anyone? Source: Eating Well to Win

And if you’re a big chocolate fan like me, then you’re probably pretty curious about these Toffee Black Bean Brownies too. They’re on my to-do list without a doubt!

Toffee Black Bean Brownies Source: Eating Well to Win

Whether you are a high-powered athlete, a talented and accomplished actress, young professional or soccer mom, you probably want to enjoy eating, get all the nutrients you need and work towards living a healthier life, right? If my first impressions, and the book reviews, say anything about Eating Well to Win, it’s that this book delivers.

You can pick up your copy of Eating Well to Win at Amazon. Get to cooking (and eating)!


Protect Your Skin Outdoors – Tips from an Expert

It is estimated that 5.4 million cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer, including basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, were diagnosed in the U.S. in 2012.

We can help reduce our risk of this by taking care of our skin properly and wearing sunscreen.

As the warmer and longer, sunnier days are here we have to be extra mindful of taking care of our skin. Yes, that means everyone!  No matter your ethnicity or skin type, there is an option for effective sun protection available on the market.  And given the rates of skin cancer in this country, why not take the extra 10 seconds in your grooming routine to protect your largest organ…your skin!

Florida based dermatologist Dr. Richard Kirkpatrick believes that men involved in outdoor sports are at a particularly strong risk. While I’m not particularly sporty myself, research has found that men often don’t consider the need to wear protection from the sun, especially when being active and doing things like running, swimming, mountain climbing, etc.  This is a trend that desperately needs to change.

In recent research, scientists found that men who engage in outdoor sports are often motivated by hoping to improve overall health and wellness and are often pretty adept at avoiding injury. But, Dr. Kirkpatrick says that when it comes to skin men just don’t consider the risks. He states, “It’s ironic that as dedicated as male sports enthusiasts are to taking precautions to reduce sports risk, protecting exposed skin is overlooked by so many.”

He recommends that anyone spending time outdoors wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 for 80 minutes of outdoor activity and then reapply. If you’re an active guy Bullfrog presents some good options of sunscreens that will work for you.

Check out the infographic below for more information and stats on skin care and sun protection. And make a pledge to wear sunscreen daily starting on May 1st as it’s the start of Skin Cancer Awareness Month!

Click image to enlarge.

Sunday Funday with the Boys!

There’s only so much time left to enjoy summer. As the season starts to wind down many of us are making sure to get in some much-needed vacation time. I know I am!

Many of us will be spending the last of our summer days with friends and family. If you’re hanging out with your boys you’re definitely going to need some extra gear to make the last days of summer feel special.  After all, summer parties are where some of the best memories are made.  Well, you’re in luck! I’ve got some picks that you might want to consider for the next time you’re hanging around the pool or backyard in your down time.

For your next Sunday Funday you’re going to need the right supplies. Games, booze and music all make for a really good time. If you’re hosting, here are some of the coolest products that you can buy to help create that extra special hang out.


You can build your very own collection of items at Blueprint Registry, who was kind enough to supply the images for this post.

THE Super Bowl 50 Recipe Guide

2.7.16 is the big day! Almost everyone in America will be glued to their tv screens watching the biggest game of the year, Super Bowl 50!

Who’s going to take that trophy home in the big game? The Carolina Panthers who have had an amazing season (GO NC!) or the perennial favorite the New England Patriots? Probably neither if Arizona or the Denver Broncos have anything to say about it.  For more on predictions you can read more here.

No matter who is ending up at the big game in a few weeks, you can’t wait to plan your party menu. Your friends will be counting on you to deliver some of the best, game day food ever. This means you’ve got to get ready!

Luckily for you I’m obsessed with all things food and have done a little bit of research on your behalf. From kitchen novice to expert chef, you’re definitely going to appreciate some of the delicious recipes I’ve put together in The Ultimate Super Bowl Sunday Recipe Guide.

Get your shopping lists ready, this one’s going to be a blow out! Some of my personal favorites in the collection are:

  • Sticky Asian BBQ Boneless Oven Baked Wings
  • Homemade Black Pepper Potato Chips
  • Slow-cooked Shredded Pork
  • Beer can chicken (grilled)
  • Pimento Cheese and Bacon Crostini
Check out the full collection below!

Check out The Ultimate Super Bowl Recipe Guide

by Jor-El at Mode

Weekly Obsessions 5.23.14

Since last month, the sports world has been reeling from the whole Donald Sterling fiasco.  Unfortunately, he keeps putting his foot in his mouth but I don’t feel bad for him at all.  What I’ve found really interesting is how recently Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban tried to add some nuance to the race conversation by acknowledging his own prejudices.  While honest his comments were, as Don Lemon said, “inartful”. Personally, while messy in spots, I think Cuban’s comments are a welcome addition to the conversation because its honest and I’m interested to see how the sports world continues to respond to race issues in the NBA.

Now it’s time for a little bit of a dance break. Check out this video of Keone and Merial Madrid as they hit the dance floor. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Finally, check out this clip of Will Ferrell taking on doppelgänger and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith in a hilarious “drum-off”.  Watch until the end, it’s pretty cool.

Weekly Obsessions 2.13.14

To begin this week’s obsessions,  I want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!  Yes, I know not everyone considers it an actual holiday and some people don’t even like it on principle, but nonetheless I hope it’s a good Friday for you if nothing else.  Instead of giving you some mushy Valentine’s Day song to listen to, I’ll just leave you with some of my favorite someecards that popped up this week.  Bob Costas, I’m sorry but pink eye is a little funny.



Next up… you know it’s a bad idea when Dionne Warwick’s son (Buck 22) teams up with Miley’s pops (Billy Ray Cyrus) to make a cover/reboot of Cyrus’ early 90s hit “Achy Breaky Heart”.  Add space/time travel and lots of g-strings and what you have is basically a proverbial space wreck.  HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!  There’s also an inexplicable cameo by Larry King (WHY LARRY, WHY?). Check out the madness for yourself below.

In other news, likely NFL player-to-be Michael Sam publicly acknowledged that he was gay and like most other times when people of the non-majority speak up, some people lost their minds.  But this video below of Dale Hansen (a news anchor in Dallas…complete with a fantastic drawl)  eloquently addresses Michael Sam’s statement, acknowledges his own insecurities and cites Audre Lorde.  And it’s only two minutes long!  If you’re in favor of a world that celebrates differences then this should help you feel encouraged like it did for me.  Enjoy.

Weekly Obsessions 12.30.13

dr teals epsom salt
Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solutions

If you’re into regular exercise and find yourself getting sore then one of this week’s obsessions might be a good fit for you. I discovered Dr.Teal’s soaks in my local Duane Reade (same company as Walgreens) about a month or so ago and this epsom salt soak with lavender is awesome.  Not only does it help with muscle soreness and pains, it also promotes relaxation and stress reduction.  Bonus!  I know some folks are not that into bathing but it’s generally a good idea when you’re working out or need a little extra r&r.  I would highly recommend the Dr. Teal range of soaks (but those with hypertension or other medical conditions should probably consult with a physician before use).

In total fat kid fashion, this week’s second obsession is Bojangle’s. I know, I know.  I spent some time down South for the holidays and one of my must haves any time I head below the Mason-Dixon Line is this fast food chain that has the best biscuits EVER. The Cajun Filet Biscuit is basically heaven for a few bucks and I can’t get enough. Does anyone know if they deliver to NYC?!

Over the holidays I was gifted something from Things Remembered (which I had never heard of before) and discovered an online shop that offers a variety of gifts for a lot of different occasions at a reasonable range of price points.  Check it out!

Lastly, I have an announcement!  Over the next few days, MANE MAN will be getting a little face-lift and design update so keep up with the changes and the relaunch on Facebook at

Happy New Year!


Weekly Obsessions 11.25.13

Hello all!  Today I’m sharing with you a new blog post series called Weekly Obsessions!  Check out this week’s favorites which include a little music, a little style, a gift and a little bit of sports news.  Get into it!

Since winning the NBC show the Sing Off back in 2010, a cappella group Pentatonix has continued to re-imagine pop songs with a unique sound and incredible vocals. There newest album PTX Vol. 2 is currently on repeat on my iPod and has been for a few weeks now.  Check out their Save the World/Don’t You Worry Child mash-up that has been playing incessantly in my head this week:


Del Toro shoes are unique, stylish and just freaking cool man.  I haven’t gotten my own pair just yet but Del Toro is a brand that takes risks which is really nice to see.  Check out these new men’s Silk Blend Bamboo Alto Chukka Sneakers.

Del Toro Bamboo Chukkas
Del Toro Men’s Silk Blend Bamboo Alto Chukka Sneaker

New York Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez has been in the midst of arbitration hearings for alleged PED use (performance enhancing drugs).  Last week, after hearing that the MLB commissioner was not going to be a part of the hearings, ARod basically lost his marbles and threw a bit of a man-trum.  Hear the audio below for the full (impromptu) interview with Mike Franseca where a candid ARod dishes on what happened.  PS IT’S GOOD!

And in the event you’re still looking for a gift for the amateur chef in your family check out this new spice subscription service called Spice to Meet You.  Here’s a video of the company’s founder jazzing up a burger (insert drools here…).

Book Review: am i that man?

amithatmanTackling life’s biggest questions can often be a daunting task and it’s through the help of coaches, mentors and fathers that we gain inspiration to be better men.  What would it look like if you were to reflect on your biggest inspirations? It would probably turn out a lot like am i that man?

am I that man? is a new release from Brian Willis and Warrior Spirit Books that helps boys and men reflect on those male influencers in their lives and ask, “am I that man?”  The book is packed with stories of everyday heroes, olympians, fathers, mentors and father figures that have impacted some of today’s highly successful men in various areas.  It’s a unique read in that it addresses guys directly in a way that many books don’t do without being tacky or immature.  I found myself completely entrenched in the book and found myself reflecting on my experiences with my father and other figures in my life that have been guiding forces in my development.

One of the most powerful and practical tools in the book has to be John Dunn’s “Banquet Speech” exercise in which he challenges readers to create their own speech that they hope to have delivered by one of your closest friends  at  special evening in their honor.  It’s a practical exercise that can help ignite self-reflection and help you ask yourself, am I becoming the man who I truly want to be?  I have yet to actually pen my own banquet speech but even just reading Dunn’s example is striking and got me thinking a lot about my purpose and goals in life and the legacy that I wish to leave behind.

am I that man? is a quick and good read that can be revisited time and time again.  For those of you with young men in your lives or are experiencing transitional periods yourself, I think this is an excellent and relatable book that has to inspire and motivate you to live up to your potential.  It would make a perfect gift and could be something that could be used with sports teams and for individual personal development.  I personally think could be an incredible way to foster a deeper relationship between a father and son, coach and athlete or any other male figure and a younger man.  am I that man? is a tremendous read, awe-inspiring, and well worth the investment of your time and energy.  I personally look forward to reaching back into my library from time to time and asking myself, am I that man?

 *Disclosure: A media copy of am i that man? was provided for the purpose of this review.

Breaking News: WWE Superstar Darren Young says, “I’m gay and I’m happy.”

If you’re a sports fan, the news of Jason Collins coming out as gay a few months ago was certainly big news, especially him being an active player in the sport.  Well, this morning I discovered that Twitter was all a flutter over TMZ’s report that Darren Young, half of the WWE’s Prime Time Players, announced in LAX, “Absolutely. Look at me!” when asked if a wrestler who is gay could be successful in the WWE.

The interviewer was (surprisingly) cool, although apparently stunned, about the modest declaration and I have to say that Young did seem incredibly confident and comfortable in the clip.  It’s pretty cool to watch.  Oh, and not to mention, he rocks a pretty mean fro.  It looks healthy! Hey Darren, what kind of juices and berries you putting in there friend?!  Watch the video clip below, courtesy of TMZ.