Man Cave Ideas: Creating a Space For You

When sharing a space with a significant other, roommate, or family members, having a space of your own to relax, unwind and enjoy your favorite hobbies is a must-have. Below we have a few tips to help you design your own retreat, also known as the man cave! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a “cave” per se, leaving you living as a basement dweller – barely seeing daylight. It can be any room in the home.

Apartments can be difficult to navigate depending on the size of your family, your vacant space, or resources you have. However, you can create a man cave out of anything, it just takes some time, and the ability to be accepting of shifting some items from room to room.

Out with the old

Often times people have a room dedicated to storage, where moving boxes and holiday decorations sit until the next year, taking up space in a perfectly usable area. It becomes time-consuming sorting through every picture album and costume bin, but luckily it can be as easy as taking your current storage and moving it into a small storage space like ones that Spare Foot offers for a small fee. This way, you have room to contribute to your apartment, while also freeing more storage space for any other items you’d like out of your hands (but aren’t quite ready to get rid of just yet). If you don’t want to move your items to additional storage, place any items on shelves above eye level, or under furniture to tuck them away. If you have valuables, wrapping them in newspaper and bubble wrap will keep them safe, and out of your way.

Invest in quality furniture

You want to create a man cave that reflects the quality of time you will be spending inside. Often times the furniture in a personal space is overlooked, but it’s important to invest in a quality couch, like these options here, or a durable coffee table to supplement your new space. Also, ensure that your electronics are up to date as this is key for the ultimate relaxation zone. While you’re laying on a soft, snug sectional with your TV, you can do anything from playing video games to taking a nap. The man cave is your space!

Embrace the man YOU are

Every man is different, which means every man cave shouldn’t be the same. When you’re working with a smaller area, like an apartment, keep in mind that your personal space needs to have the essentials, and nothing more. Something simple, like mounting a TV, will open floor space that can be better used for other thing. Items to consider would be: a fully stocked mini fridge, a small bookshelf filled with video games, a foldable ping-pong table, or a mini bar. These things could add a lot to the space without overcrowding. You can even decorate to your interests using things like posters of your favorite sports teams, hunting mounts, and hung-up drinking games (but only if you’re of age!).

A man cave is ultimately a “choose your own adventure” depending on your interests. Some men want a quiet place to read and browse the internet. In that circumstance, having a room with some quality lighting, a desk with a computer and chair, and possibly a coffee station would require little to no space, but be incredibly satisfying. Some men might want a space that is appropriate for all family members, but has a unique twist like a favorite guitar hung on the wall, or a main area for video games. If you aren’t able to dedicate a full room to a single person in the house, at least make it a space appealing to their color interests and hobbies, so they feel the sense of importance in the room, and can adequately relax.

If you already have a man-cave, what are your favorite parts about it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!