Product Review: Old Spice Foamer

Disclosure: Products for review were provided courtesy of Old Spice.

I have long given up on most traditional soaps as I find that they can be incredibly harsh on my skin, leaving me feeling super dry. It’s not fun, especially during the cooler, drier months (and here we are!). When the opportunity to try out the Old Spice Foam came along – I was interested and curious about how it might stack up to the average soap and other body washes.

Old Spice Foamer (middle) with other gems from the OS lineup.

The cleansing foam is a relatively new offering from Old Spice. It’s this type of ongoing creativity that makes the brand an old-time favorite of mine. Like many guys, it was one of the first grooming brands I ever came across (maybe the first deodorant I ever used?!) so it has a special place in my heart. It’s been interesting to see the changes over the years.

The thing I like most about the foamer is that it feels pretty good on the skin. It has a smoothness that many soaps don’t have.  It feels luxurious but not in a heavy way. The one downside, I think for a lot of people, would be that it doesn’t create a ton of bubbles for effect (which many soaps do). This makes it a step up in my opinion, but I know that of people think that bubbles = clean. Expert tip, sudsy lather just means (more often than not) that the product is harsh and drying out your skin. The foamer doesn’t feel heavy but also isn’t too thin or flimsy. The consistency is pretty good.

The sample I tried came in the Captain scent, which I generally enjoy, and would describe as a clean, masculine scent. The great thing about Old Spice is that if you like a certain scent you can get the range of products (most of the time) in that scent.

Overall, I like the foamer but don’t know that I would use it perpetually at the exclusion of other soap. Maybe, I’m a product junkie who just likes to switch it up from time to time. Maybe I get bored?!  Who knows! However, the smell and finish on the skin (so smooth) are definitely its biggest selling points. And well, it’s a bit fun too!