Getting Started in a New Pad: My Picks

I HATE moving. Does anyone actually like that process? I can’t imagine anyone does.

The one thing I do like about new spaces is creating the feel and layout of the room. I’m sensitive to my environment so I’m much more intentional about the layout and feel of a room than the average person. When it was time to move into a different (much bigger) space I knew I had to make some new purchases and considerations.

After the move was over and new furniture/decor was ordered I waited..and waited. It seemed like forever. I’m one of those people who likes to moving done and all boxes unpacked within a day. I know, it’s a bit unreasonable, but hey it’s just how I roll.

Thankfully, the movers worked fast and now I’m all settled into the new pad. Today, I want to share with you some of my favorite buys that helped my new place feel like home.


Image source: Amazon


The new place gets a LOT more sunlight and I’m basically a vampire, to be honest. But my bedroom needs to be super dark in order to fall asleep (plus I’m not an early riser). In order to get good rest I got these blackout curtains which work incredibly well. They’re my saving grace!

Rugs are incredibly important parts of a new space. They help anchor a room and can help provide an opportunity to balance out colors as well. I chose this reasonably priced low pile rug from Ikea mostly because the color was neutral and it was one that my dog couldn’t easily dig into.


Image source

I like really simple walls, believe it or not so I like to see a lot of white space to really appreciate a space. Otherwise, I just feel overwhelmed with wall clutter.

I’ve long been a fan of because they have so many cool pieces that are out of the norm, like this Hitchcock themed one. The other great part about these pieces is that they don’t damage walls, which makes them great for renters! There are no brackets or tacks to speak of. They hang via adhesive magnets and work really well!


Baxton Studio shell chair from

I realized that my old desk chair was just not cutting it. As someone how works from home regularly, I knew I needed to update from a plush office chair to something much more functional and not bad for my back. I picked out a black mid-century modern shell chair from Wikibuy (, which has a lot of great deals on the site. Because I bought from Wikibuy I spent about 40% less on it that it was advertised on other sites.

The new place gave me the option of a nice, new entryway so I took this as an opportunity to find an entryway table that could hold my keys, loose change and have a place at the bottom for my messenger bag (which I take with me daily).  I landed on something pretty similar to this gem and its worked out well. It’s funny how much the little things make a difference!

If you’re shopping for your new home, then good luck! Hopefully you can find some affordable pieces to make your new pad feel like your own.


Disclosure: Wikibuy has provided compensation for their inclusion in this post. Wikibuy operates as a website and Chrome extension that finds you the best deals across the web on products you love! They match you with the best prices check out this video for a 60 second rundown: