Fro Frustrations: Say That 5 Times Fast

MANE MAN is all about celebrating grooming and how grooming can be a great way for us to take of ourselves. Obviously, I spend a lot of time writing about all the products I get to try.  But today, I need to rant.


And no, this isn’t a humble brag.  Seriously. I know that many of you are hoping and trying for growth. But, I’m annoyed (at the moment) that my hair grows so quickly.

Here’s what’s annoying about that…I got a haircut just a few weeks go. It was a sizable chop but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it was a “big chop”. As always, I felt a bit uncomfortable the first few days after as I thought it was a little too short. Fast forward to a few weeks later and it feels too big/too long already. WHY!?

This is annoying because, for me, getting a haircut is annoying. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not my stylist at all. She’s great. But, hair cuts take so much time. First, I have to be mindful enough to schedule the appointment. And with my schedule, things tend to be all over the place and varied. By the time I take a moment to sit down and think about life, I often find that I’ve forgotten to do something that is pretty essential. The haircut, by default, gets pushed back.

Then, there is the actual appointment itself. I can’t go in and be out in 20 minutes. I wish I could. It takes that long just to pick out my hair for the cut itself.  Then, I’m in the chair…usually feeling pretty warm (because I ALWAYS am) and thus, near to falling asleep in the chair. I feel a little rude because I don’t talk more, but then the silence also makes me comfortable and sleepy. I know, so many non-problem, problems.

I realize this is not a real problem to have. I’m fortunate to have thick hair that grows quickly. I realize that my hair is pretty healthy.

But, can’t it just slow down a little bit?


What are your fro frustrations or biggest hair annoyances? Let’s continue the conversation in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “Fro Frustrations: Say That 5 Times Fast”

  1. Single strand knots and slow growth are my biggest problems right now.
    I just want to scream at scalp”Grow already!!”

    1. Ahh, SSKs used to be my bane of existence. Now that you mention it, I haven’t had them in a while. My impression was that moisture was a problem for me and that made them worse. Could that be the case?

      1. I just had a shoulda had a V8 moment!! Lol.
        I only get the single strand knots when I don’t have enough moisture in my hair before picking it out. I also must be careful how I distribute the moisturizer in my hair with my hands to prevent tangles.
        Any tips for slow hair growth?

        1. Well, I’ll tell you that for SSK it helped me to have a conditioner with a lot of slip, like Kinky Curly’s Knot Today. But in terms of growth, I would say focus on feeding hair from the inside out. Plenty of water, a daily multivitamin. I also think that washing and detangling (with loads of conditioner and slowly) helps reduce hair loss and breakage. HTH!

          1. I haven’t tried that conditioner yet.
            I’ve heard about it though.
            I’ll take all those recommendations into consideration.

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