Some of My Favorite Travel Carry on Essentials

While traveling to new places can be lovely, it can also be hard…especially for a grooming guru. As if packing your suitcase with the clothes that you need isn’t enough, you also have to figure out which grooming products to take. As you might imagine, this thoroughly stresses me out.

Will I have enough conditioner?
Can I get away with a travel size amount?
I’m going to have to shave, but they don’t seek mini sizes of what I typically use?

Yes, I’m being dramatic but  this is always the struggle I have when I’m packing for a trip for more than a weekend.  There’s no perfect science to figure out which products to take. However, I’ve gotten better at mastering the essentials for my carry on bag (personal item, in airplane speak) so I thought I would share some of my tips with you.

Traveling makes me feel gross. I’m tired. Grumpy. Under-caffeinated (usually) and while I’m not a germophobe, I’m always concerned of cooties on planes.  A small travel bottle of hand sanitizer is a must-have. It works not only on your hands but has also been reassuring for me with seat armrests, headrests and the like. Also, it tends to smell better than the funky person who is sitting across the aisle from you.  Alternatively, a small pack of anti-bacterial wipes would also be a good thing to try. Both are compact and effective.

Recently, I’ve also tried out EO’s Natural Deodorant Wipes which are clutch when you are heading right from the airport to dinner plans or drinks. The lavender wipe is lovely and helps you feel refreshed when you can’t take a shower midday. They come in single use packs which make them perfect for carry on bags. And, the scents are not overpowering and for someone with sensitive skin like me, I find them to be a great addition to my carry on bag.  As a side note, there is also a tea tree variety as well. Both varieties (tea tree and lavender) are anti-bacterial which means they actually kill bacteria that causes odor. BOOM.

I ALWAYS…ALWAYS also have some sort of hand lotion or salve with me too. I hate the feeling of dry hands. Lately, I’ve been holding on to White Pine Hand Salve by Barnaby Black and its just…everything. I highly recommend it as it works for hands, feet, face… whatever you need really. And all of these products (along with some Carmex) will go through security screening at the airport with zero problems.

Oh, and don’t forget the Altoids. I’m all about the Altoids.

Safe travels!