Ditch the razor. Scruff is in.

Image source: Google images
Image source: Google images

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article men are shaving less these days. It seems that more men are opting for a little bit of scruff versus the clean shaven, corporate look of the past.  Even these days, you may find high powered stock brokers and professional men sporting some stubble and seriously styled hair.  I guess times are a changing!

As most guys know, there is a ton of razor options out there and apparently most big brands are seeing some decline in sales due to the changing trend in men’s grooming. Apparently hair is in, whether it’s on your head or on your face.

Personally, I think this has a lot do with the “metrosexual” movement of the 90s, following more equity in the gender sphere where men like yours truly consume more fashion and grooming products than males from yesteryear.  I’d also add that I think a bit of it likely has to do with the growing trend of social media and narcissism, which many of us can relate to.  Do you know how many friends you have on Facebook? I would argue that most people do and with the explosions of Twitter and Instagram, everyday guys are more apt to share their OOTDs (outfit of the day) or their favorite #mensgrooming products.  It goes without saying that I feel in familiar territory here, but hey, it’s all about sharing my experiences with all of you in the hopes that I might save you a little stress (and perhaps a little money too).

Whatever the reason, this much is true. Men are scruffier and I don’t think the facial fuzz is going anywhere soon.  So pick your staple stubble and rock it like there’s no tomorrow. Chances are you’ll likely be in very handsome (and fuzzy) company.