Would you Wear a Man-gagement Ring?

Sample man-gagement rings sold by retailer James Allen.
Sample man-gagement rings sold by retailer James Allen.

These days a new wedding trend is emerging.  Men are starting to wear man-gagement rings, sending the message that they’re off the market.  Even popular singer Michael Bublé wore one when he became engaged back in November 2009. But, why is this a thing?

There are a few factors in the changing wedding landscape and emergence of man-gagement rings. First off, gender roles are as balanced as ever promoting a more even engagement experience for men and women.  Some women even opt to propose to their partners when they’re ready to settle down.  Also, same-sex marriage has increased recently, leading to more male-male marriages which challenge the traditions of marriage in the United States.

So that begs to question, would you wear a man-gagement ring?

One thought on “Would you Wear a Man-gagement Ring?”

  1. If the love of my life wanted to give me a ring of course I’d wear one. I’m just upset that people don’t respect an engagement/wedding ring.

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