Caffeine: It’s a hell of a drug!


I use to think that addiction specialists overstated the addictive nature of caffeine, but that was before I realized I had, myself, become a caffeine addict!  It wasn’t until early this year that I really noticed how caffeine was a necessary part of my daily routine: Wake up, get coffee, go to work, sip coffee, finish work, go home.  And this happened for several months without fail.  If I was out on the weekend with friends or attended a sangria-filled brunch (don’t judge), we would have to make a special Starbucks stop afterward for fear that a severe headache would set in.  I thought to myself, this is bad.

I’m not sure what changed for me, but about a few weeks ago I decided I was going to see if I could really go without coffee for an extended period of time. Could I really do it? Could I last through that dreaded 2 PM after-lunch lull? I wasn’t so sure.  But, I gave it a shot and here’s what happened:

Day 1: 2-3 Hours after missing my daily dose I start yawning.  As the day drags on, I can’t keep my eyes open.  I’m talking sitting-at-my-desk-eyes closed-fake staring-at-my-computer screen tired.  It’s possible I even dozed off for a few seconds (shhh, don’t tell anyone). 2 hours later, the headache creeps in…and then attacks.  We’re talking full on forehead pouding cranial crush.  A small Tylenol stash gets me through the rest of the workday.

Evening of day 1: Difficulty sleeping…ironic, isn’t it?

Day 2: After missing my dose for day 2, the headache creeps back in but is less intense. That’s progress! I’m a little irritable.

Day 3: I’m grouchy, like seriously grouchy.  Irritability is even higher. Leave me alone.

Day 4: Good sleep, very sound sleep.  I think I like this.

Day 5: I did it!  Caffeine detox complete.  Wait, does this mean I can never have caffeine again?!

Truth be told, a long night out for a birthday celebration led to a very satisfying relapse, but since that day I haven’t had another drop.  No more daily coffee fix for me, café will be reserved solely for special occasions.

But why quit, you ask?  Well, for me I ended up with a more even energy level throughout the day (no big rushes or crashes due to sugar and caffeine), I sleep better at night and I’m convinced that cutting back on the sugar and half and half has helped me lose a few pounds too.  Not too bad, huh?

Have you tried to caffeine detox?

What was your experience like?

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  1. I only drink coffee during finals week when I have exams. The downside to coffee for me is that it makes me lethargic after the caffeine rush. I never have any withdrawal symptoms when I stop drinking coffee. Thank God.

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