MANE MAN: Jessie

Hi all!  Today I’m excited to share with you a profile on a new natural guy, Jessie!  He started a website (The More You Know) where he shares all his thoughts on hair care products.  He’s got a great natural focus (with homemade recipes!) to help keep your hair looking fresh.  Check out his interview below!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Jessie Dean; I am from Greenville, TX.  I love to draw, cook, sing, and dance. Currently, I’m a blogger for my own website The More You Know.

What’s your current hair style?

Well coiffed afro

When did you start growing your hair out and how did the people around you react initially? Has that changed over time?

I’ve always grew my hair to a certain point then cut it, then one day decided not to do it any more.  Right now I’m currently at 2 inches, but I plan on letting it grow for the next two and a half years and then cutting it all off to donate to charity.  People thought it was cool, my parents were kind of iffy (at first), but now they like it.  I would definitely say it’s changed especially since I’ve been naturally creating different textures in my hair.

How do you maintain your look? 

Every morning I mist my hair with my homemade moisturizing spritz, afterwards I take a dime size of Jaloma sweet oil with almond and massage into my hair until it’s dissolved.  Then at night I repeat, except this time I either use a butter or Softee Indian Hemp grease to seal in the moisture.  I also shampoo my hair once a week with either Organix Vanilla Silky or Tresemme’ Anti Breakage Formula depending on which one I have on hand.  After I shampoo my hair I deep condition with honey and peanut butter.  A lot of times I will do a midweek co-wash with honey to give my nice refreshed shiny look.


Do you have any favorite products or hair tools that you would recommend to other mane men out there?

Definitely… your fingers.  They can do miraculous things to the hair if you let them, it’s also important to massage your scalp anytime you apply product or oils especially guys out there who are growing their hair out, massaging the scalp stimulates the nutrients from the scalp into the strands and really gives your hair that sleek full look. As far as favorite products, it’s really just a matter of what my hair is feeling at moment, but I will say that when it comes to picking products I always pick products based on their ingredients, not by what the label says they do.

Lastly, if you could ask the readers one question, what would it be?

What do you look for in hair care products?

 You heard him…it’s time to weigh in!  For me, I look for a good value, whether it’s all natural or not. I’m willing to repurchase a product if it does its job even if it costs a bit more than I initially wanted to pay.  What’s most important for you in your hair care products?