MANE MAN: Cornel West

This Harvard, Yale and Princeton educated man is a modern man who is well-known for his political beliefs as well as his classic fro.  Dr.West is widely known as an author, educator and media personality.  This brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.  has written several books and even appeared in the Matrix films (who knew?).  His views on race relations and most recently, our economy, are sometimes considered controversial but West has the wit, attitude and intelligence to back it up.

Currently, Dr. West is working on a project called The Poverty Tour along with commentator/media personality Tavis Smiley.  The tour strives to raise awareness and improve opportunities for those living in poverty in the U.S.  Dr. West is a champion for equal rights and opportunities for all and is not afraid to speak his mind which in my book, makes him a modern-day hero.  Check out The Poverty Tour and his official website for more information.