Weekly Obsessions 10.30.14

Here’s what’s on my radar this week!

If any of you have been following me on Facebook then you know that I’ve really been enjoying Viola Davis in How to Get Away with Murder. The show is great and has gained a big reputation for a lot of reasons.  By far, one of the most impressive scenes was when Davis’ character removed her wig and makeup at the end of a recent episode (she was previously seen wearing a head wrap to bed, which we never see on TV).   This obviously resonated with a lot of people, particularly Black women, and was even the subject of discussion/celebration on a recent segment on Melissa Harris-Perry’s show.  View the clip below:

Truer words (about living in NYC) have never been spoken

This weekend is Halloween and if you’ve been procrastinating on what your costume is going to be then you may want to go the easy DIY route.  Here are some recommendations from Popsugar for those of you looking to celebrate this weekend.  Be safe everyone!  Conversely, here are some costumes you probably should avoid come Friday…

And finally, a few days ago the video below was released to highlight women having to deal with street harassment.

It spurred a lot of controversy, with some people even suggesting that there is no problem with the comments this woman experienced over the course of a day.  Here’s the thing, I can’t imagine what it’s like to walk down the street and have people constantly referring to my body or the way I look. That’s a problem that guys don’t have.  I would imagine that experience to be isolating, confusing and sometimes frightening (especially if someone continues to walk alongside you for minutes on end = by the way, that makes you a stalker).

Anyway, as guys we need to be more mindful about how our desire to speak to someone does not entitle us a response, period.  So if you see a woman walking down the street and you think she’s beautiful, say “Good morning” and keep it moving.  If she wants to talk to you, she’ll stop and do it. I promise.

On the same topic, Jon Stewart correspondent Jessica Williams (who also has an amazing head of hair) weighs in on street harassment in this humorous clip. If you don’t watch anything else today, it should be this.



Simply Delicious Fall Recipes

Check out Simply Delicious Fall Recipes

by Jor-El at Foodie.com

Contrary to my recent post “What I Hate Most About This Time of Year” I actually love fall, especially when it comes to food.  I recently joked on Instagram that everyone had made their first pot of chili a few weeks ago when we all felt the first chill in the air.  It turns out I wasn’t too far from the truth!

One of my favorite things to do outside of work is cook so I’ve teamed up with Foodie again to share with you some of my favorite fall recipes in this newest collection.

Some of them are absolute standouts that I have to make every fall, like Sweet Potato Pie.  As a born and bred Southerner (and NYC transplant) I make Sweet Potato Pie almost intuitively but the recipe included in my collection is pretty close to how my mother made it. I’ve added a tweak or two over the years but it’s still doesn’t compare to what mom makes!

Here are the other recipes included in my Simply Delicious Fall Recipes collection:

  •  Libby’s Pumpkin Bread
  • Pumpkin Spice Monkey Bread
  • Hot Cinnamon Today
  • Blue Cheese Crisps
  • Frozen Yogurt with Poached Peaches
  • Pumpkin Quesadillas
  • Simple Savory Beef Crockpot Chili
  • Halloween Candy Bark
  • Greek Yogurt Herb Dip
  • Sweet Potato Pie
  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts
  • Pumpkin and Cream Cheese Muffin with Walnut Streusel
  • Roasted Root Vegetables
  • Pumpkin and Ginger Soup
  • Simple and Easy Apple Crumble

Happy cooking!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Foodie.com.

Weekly Obsessions 10.23.14 Edition

Here’s what’s on my radar this week!

In his latest Between Two Ferns, comedian Zach Galifianakis takes on Fury star, and one of my personal favorites, Brad Pitt.  The video does drag in a few spots but that last half is hilarious. I just have two words for you…CHEWING GUM. You can view the video at this link.

As a (former) band geek, I’m seriously obsessed by this video of a New Orleans street performer who goes in on this song.  Her voice is awesome and her clarinet skills are just incredible.  Check it out below!

Now to the cute stuff, because you know…why not?!  I’m a fan of pit bulls (largely because they get a bad rap mainly because of irresponsible owners, but that’s neither here nor there) and this video of a rescue is pretty awesome to watch.

And finally, grocery shoppers in Oregon got a little surprise when an unexpected visitor crashed the party…

Until next time!

How Do You Winterize Your Skin?

Skin drier than the Sahara (PS this is not the Sahara)
Skin drier than the Sahara (PS this is not the Sahara)

Let’s face it, we’ve only barely crept into fall and I’m already having difficulty keeping my skin moisturized. Five seconds after washing my hands (which I tend to do pretty regularly) and it looks like I’m covered in flour trying to make some apple pie dough or something. What’s up with that?

I realize that part of the problem is the significant drop in humidity over the past few weeks. I admit, I have a love-hate relationship with high humidity because it makes my fro huge and fluffy, but it also makes me feel like I’m sweating 24/7.  Does anyone actually like that feeling?

The other part of my problem, I’m now realizing as I write this, is that when I re-upped on body lotion I opted for some thin Suave lotion instead of some thick shea or cocoa butter based lotion. So my skin isn’t getting all those super fatty oils that it’s used to when the atmosphere dries up like crocodile skin.

Thankfully, it’s only October but with my hands already suffering, I’m nervous as to how bitter this cold season is going to be.  Do you all have any tips to share about how you winterize your skin?  If so, share them in the comments section below!


Weekly Obsessions 10.16.14

Hey all!  Here’s what’s been on my radar this week!

The internet recently exploded  when a little guy in patterned pants stole the show on recent newscast.  And best of all, it all happened on live TV.  Way to seize the moment kid.  Also, I love the girl who’s next to him staring…her face is PRICELESS.   If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re welcome :)

And as an update, the kid says he plans to stay humble with all the attention that he’s been getting…

In other news Jennifer Yu, a 12-year-old Virginia native, became the first American girl in 27 years to win the World Youth Chess Championship in the 12 and under category.  Meanwhile, I can barely remember how all the pieces are supposed to move…

And finally,  here’s a video of Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon “breakdancing”.  It’s incredibly silly, but we all need a little silly to keep us going, don’t we?



What I Hate Most About This Time of Year

There’s a lot to dislike about this time of year. Perhaps, it’s that the temperate drops considerably or the air becomes increasing dryer, but then again those are some things that many people like about fall. But the one thing I hate most about this time of year is illness.

Sickness. Flu. Head colds. Sore throats. Ladies and gents it’s upon us. I myself have fallen prey to some hybrid cold/allergy/infection type combo that periodically sends me into brief coughing fits. And, it happens…every year.

I actually love fall and wearing boots, sweaters and the occasional scarf. According to some folks, my “basic” streak even appreciates an extra hot pumpkin spice latte occasionally. It’s the little things.

It’s time for apple picking, pumpkin soup, pies and pretty much a baked good of any variety. It’s time for interesting fluffy socks and a knit cap or hot chocolate underneath your favorite blanket. It’s not that I hate fall I just hate what it does to me.

So while the rest of you may find yourselves basking in all the great things that fall brings, I’ll be hating, and loving, this time of year all over again.


Weekly Obsessions 10.2.14

It’s finally fall! I hope everyone is adjusting to this new weather better than my sinuses are.  Anyway, here are the things that are keeping me a little happier this week.  Enjoy!

Go watch some cute dachshunds have a good ol’ time with a Go Pro camera here.

This past week, Pentatonix (one of my favorite bands) released their newest EP, Pentatonix Vol. III.  Even though they’ve released another single, Papaoutai, I’m still stuck on their Sam Smith/Disclosure/Naughty Boy cover La La Latch.  Check out the video below:

And I have to give a shout to my new favorite fall show so far, How to Get Away with Murder.  The characters have managed to be interesting in only one episode and with Viola Davis at the helm, boy this show is going to get even better. If you missed it, you can catch the premier episode on Watch ABC without signing in.

How To Get Away with Murder



Thank You & Happy 3rd Blogaversary!


Hi everyone! I just wanted to send you all a quick note and thank you for reading, viewing and sharing MANE MAN over the past few years.  This blog has been a little labor of love and is as much about you as it has been about my journey into afros and grooming.   I’m thankful for all your continued support and encouragement.  Again, I can’t say it enough, I’m so grateful for your support I can’t wait to see what happens next!



Guys’ Night Out Rockport Challenge Giveaway

giveaway - maneman

As promised in my previous post, A Guys Night Out with Rockport,I’m happy to bring you our latest giveaway!  Sponsored by Rockport shoes you can win a  pair of Rockport Parker Hill Desert Boots for yourself (or a friend you really like).  All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post to enter.  That’s the only mandatory option!  Follow me, @manemanblog and Rockport shoes @Rockport for an additional entry each.  Winners will be announced on Monday, September 29, 2014.  Please enter the contest via the widget below.

Good luck!

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Product Review: Kinky Curly

Kinky Curly product

I’ve long been a fan of Kinky Curly products from my early fro-growing days. I once tried the Kinky Curly Curling Custard and found that it worked pretty well but eventually opted for cheaper gel alternatives.

Today, I’m checking out the entire brand in a little more depth, including Kinky Curly’s newest deep conditioner, Stellar Strands.

First up is KC’s Knot Today leave-in conditioner which is well-known among the natural hair community as one of the best conditioners out there. In short, I have to say that I agree. While Knot Today isn’t great for deep conditioning, the benefit lies in its superior ingredient list and usability that is all but unparalleled in the hair care industry. Knot Today moved easily through my hair, which is thick and porous. It’s also a pretty effective moisturizer that always leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized. This is definitely a superior performing product.

Kinky Curly’s Spiral Spray is another story altogether, unfortunately. The spray gel doesn’t seem to be suited for type 4 hair like mine. It’s consistency is thin and almost snot-like. I didn’t have a particularly good experience with the product and to date haven’t had any luck using it to my benefit. Spiral Spritz is no match for my thick mane and while it’s ingredients list is superior (like all Kinky Curly products) it just doesn’t work at all for me.

Perfectly Polished is Kinky Curly’s nourishing hair oil which works as a pre-shampoo treatment and finishing aid. Formulated with apricot and argan oils, among others, Perfectly Polished is a potent oil blend that offers a lot of nourishment and softness. In my experience, the oil blend was the perfect last step to de-crunchify gelled hair. It’s also great for scalp massages. At 4 oz. for $18, Perfectly Polished is a pricey, yet effective and luxurious product. If you’re in the market for this type of product, I can’t imagine you would have any buyer’s remorse. Plus, it just smells so good.

Similarly, Kinky Curly Gloss Pomade is a finishing aid to help tame fly aways and offer softness. While I enjoy this product as well, I would have a hard time choosing this over Perfectly Polished.

Finally, Stellar Strands is the newest kid on the Kinky Curly block. Labeled as a hydrating deep treatment, Stellar Strands is designed to be used with heat for 15 minutes or 30 minutes without it. Before I say anything else, I should note that I have done neither. I just can’t see myself walking around with goop in my hair for a half hour, but then again maybe I’m really missing out.

That being said, Stellar Strands does well even if left on for 10 minutes in a long shower. It definitely softened my hair and I felt it left my mane feeling a little more moisturized as well. My biggest negative about the product, is its overall difficulty of use. The time commitment notwithstanding, Stellar Strands isn’t nearly as silky and smooth as I would have expected. It doesn’t have that magical “slip” like Knot Today, which would quickly change it from a good deep conditioner into something really special and worth the investment. At this time, the product sells for $13 for 8 oz., and I can’t say that I would spring for it on my own dime just yet.

Overall, Kinky Curly has a good collection of hair care product offerings. While Perfectly Polished is an obvious standout, Spiral Spritz completely failed for me and left me wanting something much more usable. The Gloss Pomade is also a good product, and Stellar Strands, while good, leaves a little bit to be desired. All in all, I can still say without reservation that I like the Kinky Curly brand with its cruelty-free and ingredients lists that any purist would likely fawn over. It’s totally up to you if you think the products are worth the investment.

To learn more about Kinky Curly, you can visit the website at www.kinky-curly.com.

Disclosure: This post is a sponsored review by Kinky Curly. Products for review were provided for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions listed herein are mine, and mine alone and have not in any way been influenced by Kinky Curly.

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