Product Review: Remington Beard Boss™ Grooming

Disclosure: This is a sponsored review by Remington. Products for review were provided courtesy of Remington. All opinions contained in this post are mine, and mine alone.

Every guy needs an effective trimmer in his life.  From the ‘stache squad to #beardgang, to be a well-maintained gent you must have the right tools. This is where a company like Remington comes in. With a well-established reputation in the grooming community, Remington has long offered men grooming tools to keep us looking stylish and feeling suave. Today, I’m sharing with you my thoughts on two of their latest, The Crafter and The Beardsman.

The Beardsman ($54.99) is a full grooming kit that enables gents with sizable, and thick beards to maintain their facial manes. It features:

  • 120 minute runtime
  • 3 length combs
  • Zoom wheel
  • Detail trimmer
  • Quick-release blade
  • Brush and scissors

So let’s talk about the Beardsman!  For me, I find that the Beardsman is one of those trimmers that works best for people with a lot of facial hair to maintain. As someone who generally rocks a goatee, there’s not a lot I need in a shaver.  So for a week or so, I let the facial thickness set in and gave The Beardsman a try. I was pleasantly surprised.

While I still think that The Beardsman is for gents with really lush beards, it does work really well for shorter hair. It feels substantial in the hand and has an ease of use about it which makes it really comfortable. It’s not complicated, odd or gimmicky. It’s just what a gent with a well-coiffed beard needs. It comes with an XL grooming comb made for guys with long beards but also offers up the use of smaller combs for less than full faces. While I have yet to really master the practicality of the zoom wheel, the bonus brush and grooming scissors are a mainstay in helping me keep those edges in check.

The Crafter ($49.99) is a bit more of a maintenance type of product that you can use more regularly for the details in keeping your face smooth and tidy. It features some pretty nifty features such as:

  • 180 minute runtime
  • Titanium coated blades
  • Waterproof!
  • Turbo mode
  • Adjustable comb
  • Extended neck
  • Bonus detail trimmer with attachments

On a day-to-day basis, I find that The Crafter offers more of what I need to keep myself looking good. Its focus on style and detail helps you maintain clean lines and edges and provides attachments to clean up those pesky nose hairs and any other strays may be floating around. It doesn’t quite have the heft of The Beardsman, which is to be expected. It is also waterproof, so that  means that you can also take it into the shower with you if you need. Or, at the very least, if it falls into the sink you won’t immediately freak out that is automatically ruined.  It’s a versatile product with a pretty lengthy run time.  As an added bonus, it comes with a nice little carrying kit, which means its great for guys who need to maintain their stylish scruff on the road.

Overall, I think that heavily bearded gents would definitely benefit most from The Beardsman, which is an effective all in one kit for maintaining a lush beard.  For those of us who tend to go more minimal, The Crafter will likely be sufficient. And, at a slightly lower price point, its the more accessible tool of the two.  Either, however, would make a great Father’s Day or Graduation Day gift.

You can learn more about Remington’s line up at


Natural Products for Your Spring Dopp Kit

Spring time is really here!

The weather is actually starting to catch up to the actual month in NYC so I’m very thankful for that.  With every new season, for this grooming guru, I always take a few beats to think about updates to my grooming regimen. Humidity. Humectants. Skin barriers. AHHHHHH! It can be a bit much.  Not to worry, my pain exists for your skin’s benefit.

I’ve taken some time to create a collection of some of the best natural, or naturally inspired grooming products that I think are perfect for spring.  From skin to lip care, this time of year you still need some emollients as the air is still a little dry in places, however you don’t want to dive head first into full on humectant territory either. Finding that balance can be pretty tough. I think that shea butter can be a great ingredient for many seasons which is why you’ll see it included in some of the products on my list.

I also know that this time of year more and more folks are thinking about taking trips and need to know what to take along with them. Well, every gent should have a well-stocked Dopp kit (toiletry bag) so I decided to combine these two ideas and bring you my collection “Natural Products for Your Spring Dopp Kit”.  Check out the full story on below:

Check out Natural Products for your Spring Dopp Kit

by Jor-El at Mode

Björn Borg Shows Us its Nudes

Björn Borg launches new underwear collection covering a range of nude skin tones.

In March 2016, apparel brand Björn Borg launched it’s new “Skin Collection” for both men and women. With a new dedication to providing “nude” products for a wider range of people, Björn Borg used the Fitzpatrick Skin Scale to offer up 6 new shades of nude underwear to be more inclusive.


Being more inclusive isn’t just a ploy for diversity and political correctness these days. With more and more customers identifying as multiracial, brands need to understand that in order to keep up with the market, updating their definition of “nude” is essential.

For about €32.95 (currently about $37 US) customers can have their own shade of Björn Borg’s latest offerings.  While men can get in on the action, it’s obvious that the new definition of “nude” will empower many more women of color to feel comfortable in their garments which require something closer to their own skin tone.

The offerings are somewhat limited as only Hotpants are available for women and Short Shorts available for men. You can find the new Skin Collection on the brand’s website at Enjoy!



A Lotta Something for Everyone

Everyone products by EO are crafted with a very important idea in mind, every product derives from the use of essential oils. The brand has been around for many years but launched their “Everyone” line of products for young consumers and families who need good quality products at an affordable price. Luckily for you (and me!) today I’m reviewing two of their great products: Meyer Lemon & Mandarin Botanical Hand Soap and the 3-in-1 Unscented Botanical Lotion.

If you’ve been reading MANE MAN for a while now you may have noticed that I’ve grown accustomed to using pretty luxurious grooming products (read: costly). Sometimes, though, it’s not always about the brand or spending a hefty amount to get what you need from your daily grooming routine.  EO products are a great balance between effectiveness and value.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out the Meyer Lemon & Mandarin Botanical Hand Soap as well as the 3-in-1 Unscented Botanical Lotion.  Both are good staples for the home, but for me, one definitely stood out a bit more.

Let’s start with the great. If you love lemon and citrus, the Meyer Lemon & Mandarin Botanical Hand Soap ($5.99 for 12.75 oz at Target) will likely be anything you’ve ever wanted in a hand soap. The scent is powerful and rejuvenating. The citrus scent lingers a bit and the soap delivers a good lather as well. That being said, the soap doesn’t feel harsh at all either. It’s very clear that essential oils are a big part of the equation here and I’m not complaining. Those sensitive to citrus smells should steer clear, however, as this one is pretty potent!

By contrast, the 3-in-1 Unscented Botanical Lotion is a god-send for sensitive, parched skin. It’s thin which means that it’s best suited for warmer months where there’s already a bit of humidity in the air. My biggest complaint was that it doesn’t do much in cold NY weather to protect your skin. It’s simply not heavy enough. But with a 32 oz bottle (with a pump!), I’m going to be rocking this one heavy in the spring and summer months for sure. It’s light and absorbs quickly and doesn’t come with any strong scents which is good for those with allergies or fragrance sensitivities.  It only costs $10.99 for a 32 oz. bottle. You can’t really beat that.

If I had to sum up my experience with Everyone products into three words they would be: effective, quality and value. When it comes to grooming products to spend our hard-earned money on, isn’t that what most of us are looking for?


Disclosure: Sample products for review were provided courtesy of EO products. You can view other products by EO by visiting the brand’s website at

Where’s the Beef? NOT HERE!

I’m always looking for fun and creative ways to change up my nutrition. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have friends who are super knowledgeable about the stuff either.  As a self-proclaimed foodie I try pretty much everything.  Avocado brownies anyone? Trust me, they’re way better than they sound!

Anyway! Now that the sun is shining again and Spring weather is upon us I’ve already starting thinking about the opportunities I will have to grill this year. And right now, in front of you all, I’m going to make an effort to cut out even more beef!  While I don’t eat much of it as is, grilling season often gets a little out of control with all the burgers and hot dogs. This year I’m making a concerted effort to try some different recipes and I’ve found some good recipes to try, so I made a collection of them.

In my collection below, 10 Bold Beef Burger Alternatives, you can find some of my favorite picks for grilling season. From sweet potato to salmon to falafel burgers, I’ve got plenty of variety to choose from. After all, variety is the spice of life right? No bored taste buds for me.

Some of my favorites recipes included in the collection are:

  • Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers
  • Fabulous Un-fried Falafel Burgers
  • Paleo Jalapeno Chicken Burgers
  • Lamb Burger!

Check out 10 Bold Beef Burger Alternatives

by Jor-El at Mode

Check out the full story for more beef burger alternative options. Who knows, maybe some will take over your #MeatlessMondays for the Summer too.


WatchCut delivers 100 Years of Men’s Beauty

It’s not too often that we get a retrospective on men’s style  and beauty so you can imagine my excitement when WatchCut video debuted their videos about 100 years of men’s beauty!

In the two clips you see two different models take you through the last century of men’s hairstyles. It’s fascinating to see the ways in which men’s style has changed over the decades and how some styles look pretty similar to others. As they say, style always comes back around right?

My personal favorite decades for Lester are the 70s (look at that fro)! That man has an awesome head of hair! The 90s and 2010s were also a good look for me (sorry 2000s, cornrows just never were my thing).

In the video below, you can see model Samuel’s style change over the years. Ironically, I like the styles in the 70s and 2010s the most here too.  Clearly I was born in the wrong decade.  Anyone else notice how longer hair has been trending for White guys for some time now? Interesting stuff!

Which decades are your personal favorites?

Join The Frey

Men have their own hair care and skin care items these days, so why not laundry detergent?

Frey is a laundry detergent created especially for men. With many men doing their own laundry, the creators at Frey wanted to make a product that many men could be proud to use in their laundry rooms (or laundromats).

Housed in a sleek black bottle, Frey boasts a masculine scent inspired from some of the top’s mens colognes.  The detergent itself is designer-label safe which means its good for all of your threads, even the fancier ones. It’s also eco-friendly so you can rest assured that you won’t be harming the environment with each use.

Because of Frey’s unique makeup, it helps your clothing last longer. It helps retain the natural colors and feel of your favorite threads.  And if that weren’t enough to sell you, Frey donates 10% of all profits to important foundations and charities like: Americares, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Movember, The Wounded Warrior Project and The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

I’ve been using Frey for several weeks now. I was originally concerned that the “fragrances” in the product might irritate my otherwise sensitive skin (I usually use Arm & Hammer detergent) but thankfully I’ve had little to no reaction to the detergent at all which says to me that the detergent is gentle, yet effective enough to actually clean my clothing.

The scent itself is warm, masculine, and woodsy and not overpowering at all thankfully. Your clothes have a lingering masculine scent but nothing too intense or distracting. It’s also good to wash linens in so that smell can linger in the bedroom too.

For a reasonable price of $20 per bottle you can have Frey as a part of your laundry routine. And even better than that, you can order the product on an ongoing subscription basis so that you never have to worry about heading to the store for detergent again. If you subscribe, you can set your own delivery intervals. Plus you get to save 20% on each bottle!

To learn more Frey, you can visit the website at


Disclosure: Product for review was provided courtesy of Frey for the purposes of this review.

A Scent for Every Occassion

Sweeter than the perfume of roses is a reputation for a kind, charitable, unselfish nature; a ready disposition to do to others any good turn in your power. – Orison Swett Marden

When I was younger, I didn’t understand the importance of cologne and how much a man’s cologne might say about him, what it might communicate to those around him. As I’ve grown older, I’m come to realize that just as one changes their shirt, a man should also change his cologne.  One scent for every occasion, every mood.

Whether you’re looking for a gentle, clean everyday scent or something more lively for an exciting night out, finding the right scent is not only about knowing what’s in the bottle but also your body chemistry. Every scent reacts to every person differently and that’s why it’s imperative to also try out options in person in the store. If you need a little extra insight in deciding which cologne to buy, this handy post from the Art of Manliness will be a big help.

What are some of my favorite scents? It depends on the occasion! Is it for a day at the office? Then I might opt for something clean and simple like ZIRH Classic.  What about a special fundraiser or gala? Maybe Terre d’Hermes for Men by Hermes might offer an extra special touch.  Hot date?  Polo Red may be the hot ticket. Its fiery, masculine personality might be a good bet.

While cologne choice is mostly a matter of personal taste, there are a lot of scents out there with reputations that precede them. Picking the right scent for the right occasion can make all the difference. And you have to make sure that you wear the cologne and not the cologne wear you.

For an inside look at some of my favorite scents, including the ones mentioned above, check out my collection in my story  “What’s He Wearing? Scents for Date Night” now live on  Check it out below!

Check out What’s He Wearing? Manly Scents for Date Night

by Jor-El at Mode


My *New Winter Skin Care Regimen

Winter is in full force and the air is dry as hell. I figured that it was about time that I started to take my skin care a little bit more seriously so I decided to drop by one of my favorite spots, Kiehl’s, for a much-needed consultation.

First, I feel that I should let you know that if you sign up for Kiehl’s newsletter/rewards system you are going to routinely get emails with discounts and all kinds of special offers. One of the things that Kiehl’s offers periodically is free skin consultations/in store facials, usually when they’re about to launch a new product.  So there you have it, a free facial!

Anywho, so I stopped into my local Kiehl’s and met with a skin care expert (they REALLY know what they’re talking about) and had an assessment. My new friend Dayanara gave me the rundown on my combination skin (DAMN YOU T-ZONE!) and gave me a trial use of the products during my skin care consultation. I left the store with shallower pockets, and a bag full of Kiehl’s goodies that are supposed to keep my skin looking its best. I made a promise to myself that I was going to actually keep up with the multi-step routine where as most days I hadn’t even made it a point to actually wash my face before bed. I know…I’ve really been slacking.

Here’s the rundown of products I bought & the new regimen:

  1. Cleanse with Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser
  2. Tone with Calendula Herbal Extract Toner (alcohol free)
  3. Reduce puffiness & periodic dark eye circles with Eye Alert
  4. Give my mug a little extra tlc with Midnight Recovery Concentrate (or Daily Reviving Concentrate in the mornings-smells so good!)
  5. Moisturize with Ultra Facial Moisturizer

I know this sounds like a lot…and it is. But to be honest, it’s only added 5-10 minutes to my night-time routine and having done it for a few days so far it’s not that bad. It definitely feels like I’m doing something good to take care of myself which is always nice. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes and if I keep up the regimen.  It’s definitely a far cry away from just washing and moisturizing in the mornings.

Until next time!

What’s Trending: Adult Coloring Books

This title sounds a lot more scandalous than it actually is!
put me in the story
A customized coloring book courtesy of Put Me in The Story.

You’ve probably heard about adult coloring books and while “adult” can mean one thing it doesn’t mean THAT in this context. Adult coloring books have gained a lot of popularity over the past year or so, most notably for their ability to help reduce stress and promote mindfulness and focused attention. That’s a lot to be said for using a crayon.

As I thought about ordering one for myself, the folks over at Put Me in The Story reached out with one of their custom coloring books for me to try. I don’t know that it necessarily helped me reduce my stress levels but I certainly found myself very quickly in a very focused state, much like what happens when I write or listen to a really good song.  It kind of just captures you and time escapes for just a little while.

I know that for a lot of you that time is hard to come by. It is for me too. But, I think that even with all the responsibilities that we have as adults, we have to MAKE time for us to do things like color, listen to a good song, or anything that can help us reduce stress and decompress. And if you find that you can’t get that solo time because you have to look after children, you can bring in your own, advanced coloring book while they dive into the world of coloring dinosaurs and pandas.  And just to be clear, I’m NOT saying you should avoid those coloring books 🙂 . I’m just saying that Put Me in The Story might just be more your style.

A fair warning to the newbies out there, I was and am still a bit intimidated by the pages in my adult coloring book. Not because it’s hard but it’s a far cry from what you’re used to when it comes to kids’ books. These images are DETAILED! I think that is intentional on the publisher’s part because it forces our busy and complex minds to focus on the minutia on the page. Children typically don’t have that worry. I believe it is those tiny details which help you enter that trance-like relaxed state.

My recommendation is that you purchase some colored pencils or thin-tip markers to go with your coloring book. Turn on some instrumental soothing music and go to town. If you don’t feel these great effects of stress reduction when you’re done, that’s OK. At least you know that you’ve given yourself 10 minutes of peace and quiet. And who knows, maybe at the end of the day you may have a nicely colored picture to hang on your fridge.

If you’re interested in learning more about adult coloring books, you should check out these links:


Disclosure: Put Me In the Story was kind enough to create a custom book for me for the purposes of this post. All opinions listed herein are mine, and mine alone.

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